Google Photos Passes 100 Million Monthly Users in 5 Months [VIDEO]


Google has announced their Google Photos service has surpassed 100 million monthly active users since its launch five months ago. The company shared 11 facts about the service today, based on photos uploaded by users.


  • 100 million people use Google Photos
  • Food is photographed the most
  • Weddings top events photographed, followed by concerts, Christmas, dancing, birthdays and clubs
  • Photos of dogs appear more than any other animal
  • Cars were #2 in list of things photographed
  • Paris is the top photographed place, followed by NY and Barcelona
  • Babies are the top photo subject searched for
  • Over 15 million GIFs created
  • 3,720 terabytes of storage freed from devices
  • Sky, beaches, mounts are in the top 10 of things photographed
  • Searches for “me” are popular

We are using Google Photos and it’s pretty awesome as it is so easy to use and its categorizing of photos and search is pretty stellar. We’re already deep into Google services so we’re not worried about any privacy issues.

Click here to download Google Photos for iOS—are you using Google Photos?


  • Jay

    Cant wait for the collaboration functions because for the moment I’m the only one who can add to the huge library of photos and family members are starting to get annoyed with sending me the photos to put into the album

  • Yeah it should only gain more features over time. I like how easy it is to share photos with people, like those old gems they never want to see again.