Google Street View Released In Canada


Back in August, Canadians were spotting the Google Street View car all over Canada. This was, of course, Google getting ready to release Street View in Canada. Well folks, it’s live!

Google Car

Just last week, Live Traffic was enabled in Google Maps and now Google Street View is live in Canada! Pegman is lit-up and ready to show you street-level goodies and details.

Google Street View is an amazing feature of Google Maps that allows you to zoom into an intersection and move around in it from the Maps interface. The images you see on Google Street View are not live but they are real life images taken to provide a tour of city streets.


The feature is now available in numerous countries around the world in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region and now Canada as well.

How to Use Google Street View

To use Google Street View (internet connection required):

1.) Enter Google Maps on your device

2.) Drop a pin on an intersection in Canada (or any other street) or search for an address/location

3.) The ‘little-guy-with-a-head’ icon (AKA: Pegman) lights up

4.) Tap Pegman to begin Street View

5.) Use the navigation arrows and your finger gestures to move around. Tap the Map radar in the bottom right to go back


List of available Street View cities

Here in Vancouver, almost every street seems to be covered. But does Google Street View work in your City/Province?

Drop your location in the comments and let us know if Street View is active where you live!

(Thank you to Bud Colby for the city list)


  • elducker

    Seemingly perfect coverage in my home town of Pointe-Claire, a suburb of Montreal.

  • soulofsamcom

    Wow! This works perfectly in Montreal/brossard/ iles des soeurs!

    Good job google!!
    And thanks for the notice iPhoneinCanada!

  • nameYyg

    Toronto is up but only downtown
    nothing in eastern Ontario

  • valueofaloonie

    Works like a charm for Calgary! (They must have been downtown the day before the Stampede parade!)

    That is really, really cool.

  • yogi

    I'm in Street View or at least, my car is. I was following the Google Street View Car that day. Somehow, it got that entire street wrong. Halfway, it went into the back lane! All in all, it's perfect!!

  • appleed

    Do not see it in Edmonton or Saskatoon as of yet… did see the Google car several times in Saskatoon, though. Surprised it's not live as of October 7th at 11:30 this morning.

  • frgerard

    I figured out something, even if the little guy doesn't light up, if you drag him from the zone that has him light up, to the zone that isn't light up, you should be able to see pictures.

    I tried it myself in Halifax. I dragged the man from downtown halifax up to the clayton park area where it is not lighten up

  • Ditto for Calgary! They have quite good coverage of neighbourhoods as well. Seems like most of the coverage was done early Spring. Snow on the ground, and Stampede flags up all over.

  • kyle

    Some of Burlington and Oakville (Ontario) seem to be covered. Hamilton, too.

  • Kingstonlad

    Nothing for Kingston, ON yet

  • Dusty


  • livininvic

    Not working in Victoria yet.

  • ReyT

    Works pretty well here in Calgary, Alberta. Awesome!

  • Bud Colby

    Here is a link to the page that tells you where it is available.
    I’m in Medicine Hat and it say’s it should be available here. I’ll try it tonight if I get a chance.

  • iKris

    As of launch it is only available in the following cities. Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Ottawa, Kitchener, and Waterloo.
    More should be activated soon.

  • rorypiper

    Got nothing in Victoria, BC, but I checked out some Vancouver locations. Looks good.

  • Luvgeek

    Google street view good… Google map… FAIL!

    As you move west on lougheed hwy from maple meadows way you come to the approach to the Golden ears bridge and as you go under it POP you are on top… But you are stuck because Google maps will still not acknowledge it's existance.

  • sledgesingh

    brampton is up ! brap brap

  • What amazes me is the clarity of the pictures in Street View. Man, I can spend hours exploring streets from coast to coast!

  • i enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work. …,

  • This WORKS in Toronto, but directly in the iPhone Maps application !!
    perfect solution.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Nothing in Kelowna BC either. But it is fantastic and the quality of picture it is really good. It is great how you can zoom along Granville St in Vancouver and just keeping hitting the arrow to view it all.
    Pretty cool.

  • i enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work. …,

  • i enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work. …,

  • i enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work. …,

  • Tommy

    not only does it work, but there’s a capture of me walking to the liquor store.

  • thatgadgetgirl

    Nothing for Winnipeg as of yet 🙁

  • thatgadgetgirl

    Nothing for Winnipeg as of yet 🙁