Google WiFi Hits Canada, Priced from $179


Google WiFi, the mesh router that Google unveiled in October, is now available in Canada. The router sells either individually for $179, or in a 3-pack for $439, which is pretty close to U.S. pricing given current exchange rates.

The mesh networking approach means that it can seamlessly extend by pairing with other units to extend coverage throughout a home without sacrificing signal strength. The setup also allows smooth transitions from one device to the next, even if you are on a VOIP call when it happens.

It’s worth noting that the mesh networking solution provided by Google has been plagued by a number of issues in the past few months. That said, assuming everything works properly, it is one of the best mesh systems on the market today if you’re looking to improve your internet connectivity at home.

For Google, the launch of this product in Canada has significant meaning as the majority of the product was designed and built in the country at its Waterloo-based office.

Google WiFi is on sale today from the Google Store, as well as Best Buy Canada, Staples Canada, and Walmart Canada. The company said that more retailers will follow in the coming months.


  • Tuan Bui

    Now we wait for Google home and project fi if they ever bring those here…

  • Chrome262

    Never got why this was a better alternative to just bridging routers, or using your outlets plugs as repeaters. Mesh is expensive, while a good idea, really only applicable to larger homes. Acutally my router is so powerful i pick it up across the street from my house, so not sure why this would be needed, other then for business or the mansion, and even then bridging routers seems to work

  • tomm

    I wonder if it supports Airplay,

  • Houses with multiple floors (such as a crappy townhouse) and different wall constructions have a lot of issues. Repeaters don’t transition very well from one device or another or keep a good speed in my house. I got the TP-Link M5 and all of our wifi woes were taken away.
    I had a good router, and like you I could get wifi a block away in certain directions, but not in certain spots in my house. Specifically the porn watching locations. Ha

  • Anonymous

    Which Router is that??

  • Chrome262

    Asus RT AC68U

  • Chrome262

    how many of the units did you need to buy?

  • I bought the TP-Link M5 kit which is around 300$ and includes 3 units. That has totally solved my issues. I wish they had come out with something like that a lot sooner
    love it

  • Chrome262

    Question, how is it for gaming?