GoogolPlex Lets Siri Control Nest, Spotify and Much More [VIDEO]


GoogolPlex is an interesting new web app created during a hackathon by a quartet of freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania, that allows Siri to control web-enabled devices like Nest, services like Spotify and even a Tesla car. According to Engadget, the setup process takes less than 10 seconds and you just have to change your WiFi connection’s proxy settings to make it work.

“Fiddling with proxy settings may not be your cup of tea, but it’s actually crucial to how GoogolPlex works. You see, Siri parses these voice commands and sends them along to Google as search terms, but Googolplex intercepts that text and chews on it so it knows what service’s API to interact with”


So basically, the GoogolPlex app intercepts Google searches for Plex and redirects them to a web server (by changing your wifi connection’s proxy settings) so when you give the command “GoogolPlex Turn on the lights,” Siri interprets that as an instruction to Google “Plex turn on the lights.” 

Check out the following GoogolPlex demo video: 


  • Salvador

    You have to take care with this kind of “cool” thing. In order to test it, you need to setup your device Wi-Fi connection to use “their” proxy server. Do you know who is behind that server? Do you trust them? Do you know that once the proxy is configured on your device, all connections from your device pass through that server, including your emails and bank transactions? With the latest news regarding the security break of “https” protocol, we should think twice before setting a proxy to an untrusted server.