greenpois0n Jailbreak For Windows Released! (update: added tutorial link)


Finally! After all that drama in the jailbreak scene with geohot’s limera1n, we have some good news. The Chronic Dev Team has released their highly anticipated jailbreak for iOS devices. First off, compatibility. From The Chronic Dev Team:

“Initially, this will be a Windows-only release. This is due to some technical complications that we soon hope to correct. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

“This release of greenpois0n supports:
– iPhone 4
– iPhone 3G S
– iPod touch (4th Generation)
– iPod touch (3rd Generation)
– iPad”

“Soon there will be another release, adding things like support for:
– Apple TV (2nd Generation)
– iPod touch (2nd Generation)”

“Don’t forget to upgrade to 4.1 (iphone/ipod) or 3.2.2 (ipad) before starting greenpois0n. If you need unlock, use tinyumbrella to keep old baseband.”

If you have an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch (2nd Generation), use redsn0w (Mac, Windows).

Regarding the unlock (ultrasn0w), you will lose your unlock and your ability to unlock (possibly forever) if you update or restore your iPhone through iTunes. There is one exception. If you have an iPhone 4, you can use TinyUmbrella to save your SHSH, update to 4.1 and jailbreak without upgrading your baseband and therefore keeping your unlock. I’ve posted how to links from iClarified right below in our source. This ONLY works with the iPhone 4, if you have an iPhone 3G/3GS, wait for PwnageTool. If you rely on your unlock or want the safest possible way to upgrade without losing your unlock, wait for PwnageTool.

As for anyone with a factory unlocked iPhone 4 (like me!), feel free to update through iTunes and jailbreak with greenpois0n as your unlock is not dependant on software.

For the technical bunch: limera1n initially used a beta version of @comex’s untethered exploit which is what made it unstable. There have been numerous updates to it but some users are still experiencing issues. As for SHAtter, that bootrom exploit has not been used in the greenpois0n release and remains safe (as far as we know) from Apple. This is great news.

As always with jailbreaks, proceed with caution. This is the jailbreak you are looking for. I will try to answer any questions you have. Share your experience in our comments!

Update: iClarified has now put up a step by step tutorial for jailbreaking your iPhone 4/3GS with greenpois0n, I’ve added it to our source links below.

[Download greenpois0n (iClarified Tutorial)]

[via Twitter (p0sixninja)]

[Chronic Dev Blog, TinyUmbrella (iClarified How To: Mac, Windows)]


  • Wuju

    So where is the link to Green Poison? And when are we expecting a Mac version? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Lol what a turn of events

    So it is geohot’s method they choose to use. So Shatter is preserved =)

    But there isn’t any reason to use greenpoison over limera1n since they exploit the same thing. Well unless you own a mac because greenpoison has a Mac version out as well now

  • Anonymous

    www dot greenpoison dot com

    Mac and Windows versions are up there now

  • Right on the bottom of the post with the source links. Mac version is coming soon.

  • greenpois0n is more tested and stable compared to limera1n. Though if you limera1n worked for you, perfect. Mac version is coming soon, the button on the website is just a placeholder.

  • Tape masters inc.

    Whats the difference between limra1n and greenpois0n? Is either of the two lifetime?

  • Lee

    How would I know if limera1n didn’t work for me? I have unlocked iPhone 4, ran it on it, my boyfriend’s locked iPhone 4 and my brothers locked iPhone 3GS yesterday. Worked on the first try, installed Cydia through it, then Installous, been downloading apps no issues at all. Would it be an immediate issue or when they say it’s buggy does it mean my phone might be unstable or something? Again no issues so far.

  • greenpois0n has been tested more and is known to be more stable. it is permanent as long as you don’t update or restore through iTunes after you jailbreak

  • Then it’s probably fine. it’s really the same exploit but greenpois0n has just gone through a bit more testing. I would leave it unless i start having issues

  • Well to see i have already jailbroken with Limera1n obviously im going to stick with it until/if it fails me.
    Its really nice to know i have a backup plan just incase. Good work guys ^_~.

  • roadcarver

    Kindly clarify what permanent means? Will shift+restore cause the jb to be lost or is this what you mean by permanent? I remember before if we had to restore via the shift+restore, we still had to re-jb. Thx.

  • Wuju

    any good step-by-step tutorial on this one like we had for the previous jail breaking process. Should I update to the latest iOS 4.1 via iTunes before running greenPoison?

  • roadcarver

    You need to update to 4.1 first. If you are concerned about unlocking, you need to preserve your 1.59 baseband. Do a google search on tinyumbrella and baseband preservation.

    They did indicate a link via iclarified on how to use tiny umbrella to preserve your baseband when updating.

  • roadcarver

    I just JB’d mine using greenpoison, and it was easy as pie.

  • lello91

    I have an at&t locked iphone 4 that I was waiting for the jailbreak/unlock to come out and yesterday I decided to update from 4.0.2 to 4.1. The problem is that as soon as I did the update, and jailbreaked with limera1n, iTunes told me the “original sim card not detected” error. So now I’m stuck with an iPhone 4 that doesn’t load up. I remember that in the past, there was a way to hacktivate while jailbreaking. Would someone know if there’s a way to activate my phone without using at&t’s sim card?

    Thanks in advance guys

  • Gfactorylive

    has anyone tried to make a custom firmware fro iphone 4g with unlockable baseband?

  • techdaft

    Is there ne other way to get ur phone unlocked other than with the software? Can apple do a factory unlock for u?

  • Ira

    Hi, I have an old boot Iphone 3GS running on 3.0 OS. Could you please redirect me to a site with step-by-step instructions on how I update to 4.1 & yet saving my old boot. Thanks so much!

  • Philipauer

    buy an at&t sim card. dont activate, dont do anything with it, other then put it in ur phone for 2 seconds. u can prob buy it on ebay for a few bucks, or craigslist.

  • TminusG

    Just use limera1n fuck the chronic dev team

  • mav

    It will work but the real name is greenpois0n

  • Dan

    How long before my new iPhone 4 (came with iOS4.1) can be unlocked? I’ve jailbroken it now…

    Do unlocks usually come a week after the JB or something like that?

  • Anonymous

    So if your baseband was already above 1.59 when you bought it, I’m assuming you’re up the creek for unlocking anyway correct?

  • Jarndt08

    If I jailbreak and then have to take my iPhone into Apple for any reason (reception issue, hardware issue, things always go wrong) can I restore via iTunes and erase all content in general settings and be in the clear as far as warranty purposes??

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you will lose your unlock and your ability to unlock (possibly forever)

    There are no set dates for anything, but like the quote said… possibly never…

  • Anonymous

    Try saying the something when limera1n becomes a tether jb and then shatter’d will be your only choice for a untether jb…

  • Craig

    How about a Mac version?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see the point of Tiny Umbrella as I tried to restore using a .bak file that it created and I got jack results.

  • Guest

    You need to have your hosts file changed so it redirects to Tiny Umbrella’s SHSH Server so your baseband wont upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    I tried that for saurik’s server and I yielded the same results…..jackshit! These guys need to put their instructions in laymen terms as the average user isn’t a cyber-geek like themselves and their instructions sometimes are explained like eveyone knows how to read code and are all computer whizes

  • Ajcrigger1s

    I have a factory unlocked 3gs currently on 4.1. If I jailbreak it with greenpois0n will I lose the unlock even though it is already updated?

  • Wuju

    Agree. It would be great if someone would do a step-by-step tutorial so everyone (non-techi) can follow. Earlier jail breaking methods have them which I enjoy reading and following from the site. Hope iphoneincanada will continue to do that. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon now……it’s usually us Windows guys who have to wait first lol! How does it feel?

  • Anonymous

    Not in Canada

    You can only buy it factory unlocked for full price from the Apple Store

  • Anonymous

    Factory unlocks remain that way always. They are not suppose to lock regardless if you jailbreak it or not

  • Anonymous

    Again with this question? Hasn’t anyone ever heard of “Google”? or “search” for that matter? Jailbreak & unlock ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!!!! Greenpois0n has nothing to do with altering your baseband but instead allows you to “customize” your phone. A firmware update from Apple on the other hand………….

  • Anonymous

    Quick post a lmgtfy link!

  • TeenWolf

    Does greenpios0n affect My3G like limera1n did? Is it the tool or GeoHots exploit that beaks FaceTime over 3G? If My3G works with greenpios0n I’ll re-jailbreak.

  • Mac version is coming soon.

  • I was told that greenpois0n lets you hacktivate. This was before the release so i am not sure if it made it through so check all the settings

  • lello91

    I tried it earlier and it worked with greenpois0n, it lets you hactivate it! Thanks for your help!

  • I would assume the app might also need to be updated to support 4.1? Have you tried 3G unrestrictor? I haven’t heard any issues coming up with that app, which i personally prefer

  • Your physical bootrom can’t be changed via software. Your baseband however, which is responsible for your ability to unlock via ultrasn0w is dependant on software. Wait for PwnageTool to preserve your baseband if this is your concern, the solution posted only works for iPhone 4.

  • iPhone 4*
    You will be able to do this with PwnageTool, possibly being released on Sunday.

  • I updated the post to include this iClarified tutorial:
    Hope this helps.

  • TeenWolf

    I would but I don’t feel like spending more money on an app that does the same thing.

    It’s off topic but that’s the problem people have with most apps(app store mostly). If the app is garbage how do I get my money back.

    I believe it was here or another site that had the cartoon about how we are so willing do dump $800 into a piece of hardware but question spending $0.99 on an app.

    I know I can walk into the applestore and return my iPhone if it’s garbage or broken. But I’m stuck with a garbage app. And there so many apps that do the same thing but may not fit UI preferences and have no trial periods. It’s hard to just throw away $0.99 like that.

    Just my rant.

  • I highly doubt these would let you unlock your phone. But thanks for the share.

  • I highly doubt these would let you unlock your phone. But thanks for the share.

  • I totally understand though. Android has developed a return policy for all apps to avoid this problem. But then you have issues with piracy so I don’t think anyone has nailed the solution to this yet.

  • Chirstank

    Is a perfect jailbreak ?
    If l update to 4.11 since the apple releases it ..can l still jailbreak my iphon4 ?
    Which is better ?
    The grren poison or thr limerain ?

  • The latest greenpois0n is as good as it gets right now. If you update to “4.11” through iTunes when it’s out, you will lose your jailbreak. You will then have to wait for another jailbreak.

  • SC

    I have Canadian Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 Version 4.1 (8B117) and have tried following these steps a few times now and each time I end up with an unsuccessful jailbreak, just the regular software loads. Everything seems to go good until device reboots. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Neo

    does greenpois0n hacktivate 3gs??

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