Grooveshark Launches HTML5 Music Player that Streams in the Background


Grooveshark announced this morning it has launched a new HTML5 music player that works on all iOS devices right within Mobile Safari. The controversial music service plagued with lawsuits from the music industry allows users to search for any artist and stream songs for free. It was kicked out of the App Store and is only currently available in Cydia.

This new HTML5 players will work on pretty much any browser. Just visit, search for an artist or browse popular stations, and start listening. Press the Home button and your songs will keep on streaming along with full iPod controls.



Let me know how Grooveshark’s new HTML5 player works for you!


  • Anonymous

    It’s freaking AMAZING,now I see why Apple kicked it out the app store,thanks alot for this one Gary!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m sort of shocked it’s not geo-restricted like spotify and friends.  Works great for me though, at least on wifi!

  • Grooveshark on the web via Mac/PC is pretty awesome too. 

  • 🙂

  • glacasse

    That’s great! Thank you

  • Bob

    Works great over my WIFI as well

  • PdS

    For $9.00 a month…..

  • Yes


  • PSprague

    Would like to be able to use my Music and Playlists. But glad they have something.

  • Mac

    Ya disappointment.

  • Ian

    Officially no reason to jailbreak. Was just waiting so I could get Grooveshark from Cydia. Still have a $2 per month account that I share with my gf.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT FIND!…no more stupid youtube in car when i want to hear a song quickly 😛