Here’s How The Web Judged Tim Cook & Jony Ive At WWDC On Social Media [Infographic]


Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior VP for design Jony Ive, together received 417,336 mentions on Twitter alone as reactions to the news coming out of WWDC 2013. Looking at an interesting infographic from social media analytics firm Viralheat, that reflects social media’s reactions to Apple’s WWDC, it appears that Jony Ive had a 35% edge over company’s CEO in mentions on popular websites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (via Fortune).

The graphic also shows that Ive had a 72% to 64% advantage over Cook in “positive” sentiment. Furthermore, the infographic also suggests that the Web’s reaction to iOS 7 i.e Ive’s redesign of the iPhone and iPad operating system, was way more positive than that of its critics in the press. Take a look:

Viralheat 1


  • ChrisSteves

    As hard as he tries Cook just isn’t very charismatic. I like the guy, and assume he’s a good guy to have in charge, but I don’t feel the words he says when he talks. Ive invokes emotion, even in videos. You know he’s one of the top designers in the world, so you when he talks about design you listen.With Cook, you know he is responsible for a lot of the global distribution at Apple and making it such a big success in the last decade. Also Jobs had lots of confidence in him etc. He’s probably done a lot more too, but the public doesn’t know much about his roles. In the end, customers don’t care about those things anyways. The things customers care about (Like new Tech and Design), Cook can’t connect on. It’s really that simple.

    I also thought Federighi did a great job. Mansfield does well too. I hope Ive decides to get on stage one day. Everyone seems to like hearing him talk about his work.