Here’s the Banned iPhone 5 Promo You’ve Been Waiting to See [VIDEO]


The YouTube channel ooJLEoo uploaded another one of their hilarious iPhone parody videos in the early morning, this time dedicated to the iPhone 5. Check it out below (possibly NSFW):

Last year, ooJLEoo also uploaded a similar video for the iPhone 4S, and have also previously done a parody for the iPad 2. I can’t wait for my iPhone 5 to arrive–BOOM!


  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    That was hilarious. Still getting an iPhone 5.

  • excaliburca

    Awesome! Can’t take all this too seriously.

  • djepsilon

    Are you four not rocking turtle-coms anymore?

  • bringer666

    Love it! Kinda sums up why I won’t be upgrading.

  • Funny, but i still can not wait to get my hands on one, i mean come on, who makes a better looking phone right now? And who really even cares about specs, as long as it makes calls, texts and goes on FB and twitter

  • Kirk

    I LOL’ed hard. Thx.

  • Ben

    Yea that was hilarious but there are still way too many retarded people in this world that will shell out the money for that piece of crap that is only just catching up to what android has been doing for the last couple years now!! Brought to you by my samsung galaxy s3

  • Ben

    That’s because your just an idiot who likes to shell out big money for something already trailing behind the pack!!

  • xxxJDxxx

    You’ve had your galaxy S3 for years?!

  • SlyRobber

    Hemeroid Troll. No cerebral activity there. Just ignore and move on while waiting for your non cheap-ass plastic theiving pile of crap. The real deal metal and glass iPhone 5.