How Your Cell Phone Will Replace Your Wallet [Infographic]


Ever thought how it all came to actually “paying for stuff” with a cell phone? Well, this interesting infographic should give you a pretty good idea how things evolved from a time when live stock was used as a currency to the present era when one can simply link a credit card to a smartphone and use it to pay for just about anything from restaurant bills and parking meters to cab fares.

By the way, don’t confuse this process with micropayments that let you buy such things as ringtones, games, and graphics to download to your phone. Check it out below!

( Click HERE For Full Size )


  • Cyruskafaiwu

    I don’t want my phone to be my wallet. finished.

  • pure4

    Why not?  It could work.. I was worried about getting a receipt from the transaction but if they implement it correctly you could get a receipt that shows up right in your ‘receipt holder’ folder on your phone.  That is all you really need to replace your wallet.  The only other thing to worry about is someone jacking your phone.. in that case maybe have the phone require a pin for each transaction.. or better yet fingerprint recognition technology ahah

  • iGuy

    Why not? Because cell phones break and malfunction. Wallets do not.

    Yes sure you can lose your wallet. But if you lose your phone and your wallet, all by JUST losing your phone, you’re screwed.

    WE DON’T NEED THIS CRAP! Stop trying to fit every useful item into our phones. Sure phones can be used to substitute for other things when they aren’t convenient but it’s never as good as the real thing. Stop wasting money on pointless crap that is kinda cool but NOT NECESSARY and produce something revolutionary in energy to help reduce dependability on charging out phones every day. Invent for the product you currently have and don’t try to replace things that we already have, know how to use and work well for us. Fucking apple.

  • Scoundrel

    Then don’t use it.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  I’m not ready for this.