iBookstore, eh!


The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages finally gave Apple the go-ahead today to establish a Canadian version of their popular iBookstore. While there has been a bookstore available using your Canadian iTunes account since almost launch date (I seem to remember for the first number of weeks/months it was filled only with classics and free books), it has lacked the depth of books available from the US-version of the store.

Apple has agreed to a number of Canadian-issued conditions, including a focus on Canadian authors (both English & French), increased opportunities for Canadian authors & publishers, aboriginal authors and more. Reminds me of the “CanCon” music rules that have been in place for years. I wonder if by “Canadian” you have to be living in Canada or just a Canadian-born author. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I’m hoping this brings the content in both stores up to par. I’ve been doing some “cross border iBookstore shopping” for sometime now to take advantage of the better selection in the US store and keeping my US iTunes account flush with US$ is not the easiest!

No word on when the new store will go live but we’ll keep you updated.



  • alex

    Oh lord, this whole “keeping things Canadian” is getting annoying. I want good books that are relevant to my interest and don’t particularly care about their country of origin. If they’re going to force-feed us Canadian content (probably meaning that it’ll be harder to find other content) then why use this version of iBookstore over the US one at all?

  • Canuckdaneh

    Let’s not complain about the bookstore before it even starts adding good content. What’s wrong with ensuring Canadian content? Why the hell not? As long as it also includes good content that you’d find on the US store, then I’m glad our government insists on ensuring local material. I’d be more than happy to read french books and sure as hell wouldn’t get that in the US store. So bring it on Canada!

  • Aloombox

    I am with you Alex! How about just having good books? What’s all this nonsense about “Canadian content”? Since when has reading become nationality, race, gender etc. focussed? Having good books is all that matters to me, does it matter who writes them or if they Canadian or not? I just don’t care!!

    So long as the store has good books, I will buy. However if I find there is this patriotic nonsense surrounding it, I will NOT buy. Reading books is about freedom, let’s keep all this shit out of out if, shall we?

  • BlogCritic

    How hard is it to understand the need to ensure Canadian artists have access to iTunes and the iBookstore? US music labels, media, and publishing houses are huge corporations who flood the market with shitty content (Ke$ha, Jersey Shore, Twilight etc.) to a huge market. They then come to Canada with the same crap and flood our much smaller market with it, making it extremely difficult for our artists to have access to the financial rewards they deserve.

    All this policy does is ensure that Canadian talent gets exposure and access to the market. Whether it sells or not then depends on the quality of the work. Smaller Canadian labels and publishing houses simply could not compete (pop. 30 million) against American corporations who have a market of 350 million.

    I personally love that on iTunes I can get exposed to smaller independent acts that happen to be Canadian at the same time as seeing all the major label artists. As far as the argument that having some Canadian content will make it ‘harder to find’ other content goes: learn how to search. Does having quality Canadian music on iTunes make it hard to find shit like Ke$ha? Nope.

  • Joker Eh

    With amazon you can read on every device iphone,ipad,pc,mac,kindle,android,etc) and you can move between all devices with no extra cost. I think it may be a lost cause now. If amazon didn’t have an app on the iphone and ipad, then I would be happy with this news but just makes me yawn now.

  • Manny

    True Canadians will buy their ebooks from Kobo/Chapters.

  • Canuck forever

    I do agree with the Canadian content rule. American marketing is aimed at the lowest common denominator and there is so much of it you wouldn’t be able to find anything else.