Apple Said to Announce iMessage for Android at WWDC [Rumour]


Will iMessage make its way to Android? According to an unnamed source speaking to Mac Daily News, Apple will make the announcement at WWDC next week:

Apple will announce that iMessage encrypted text messaging is coming to Android users at WWDC next Monday at WWDC 2016, according to a source familiar with the company’s thinking.

The source claims plans are “constantly in flux” leading up to keynotes and the timing could change, but iMessage would “definitely” be making its debut on Android in 2016.

It would not be uncommon for Apple to bring another app to Android users, as the company already has one app available in the Google Play Store—Apple Music.

This would result in iOS and Android users being able to communicate via iMessage, and benefit from the platform’s end-to-end encryption. However, iMessage is an Apple device exclusive service, and expanding the platform beyond iOS could prevent Android users from switching to an iPhone.

Earlier this year, one developer created the prototype PieMessage, an open source project which enabled Android users to send messages to contacts on iMessage.

Back in February of this year, Apple SVP of services Eddy Cue said iMessages handles roughly 200,000 per second, revealed to John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

The American non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), noted Apple’s iMessage was one of the most secure messaging platforms available today, back in April.

Would you want to have iMessage on Android?


  • This would be awesome for my friends who use the droid and I use Apple, I like seeing when they look and ignore my messages haha =P

  • FragilityG4

    I don’t see this happening … But never say never.

  • erth

    just a suggestion. how about imessage for icloud? this is your own product and it would be beneficial for people who work on windows machines.

  • Dehop

    If you mean the web access version. iMessage on iCloud is impossible, with the end to end encryption Apple uses. They would need to release a dedicated app for Windows.

  • Jason Chu

    I’m really sorry but can someone explain how this would be beneficial? I already have unlimited text. I know iMessage uses data. I know if you have an iPhone, your text message bubble is blue. Is there someone that can provide a pro and con list?

  • It would allow your Android friends to join in on iMessage group chats, instead of using a third party like WhatsApp to talk in a group, for example.

  • Jason Chu

    Thanks Gary, I’m in group chats in WhatsApp, I wouldn’t call that a pro, lol. I’m looking more at individual message pros and cons.

  • Marco

    you’ll be able to see when your message has been delivered (and if enabled, read), as well as when the recipient starts typing a reply in case of a conversation. Plus it’ll be secure, end-to-end encrypted.

  • iFone

    All that is also covered by Whatsapp. Expanding iMessage to Android is always welcome, but not sure how much adoption it will have as many of us already use Whatsapp for this very purpose

  • Marco

    Agreed, and I know many people, including myself, who use WhatsApp primarily to chat with friends who are on non-apple devices. But I do see the point that WhatsApp is not going away even having iMessage on all platforms.

  • jay

    What would be the reason to do that? Google does it to collect data and apple? I am not sure but I believe they will shut down imessage due to lawsuit with virenetX in Texas but that’s the only thing I can see they do. Bbm reason was to get people back to blackberry or?