Instagram Now Autoplays Video Sound After Being Turned on Once


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all experienced a backlash from users at some point about how they handle autoplaying videos. A lot of users are unhappy because autoplaying videos take up a lot of data, but the most vocal complaints are those videos that autoplay with sound.

Instagram is rolling out an update that acts as a compromise between silent autoplay and noisy autoplay. The update means that videos will still autoplay but the audio will always be muted until you un-mute them. If you tap a video to enable sound, all the autoplaying videos you encounter from that point forward will play with sound enabled.

When you change your mind and want to enjoy the silence, just tap a noisy video to silence it and all future videos will autoplay in silence.

It’s a simple toggle that makes it easy to take control of your video playback settings for individual Instagram sessions. It’s hard to imagine that the idea won’t be copied by all the other social networks soon.

[via TechCrunch]


  • Kael

    Autoplaying of a video means is rude and uncalled for! It’s one of main reasons ad blockers are so popular. There is a site (not this one) that said, please white list this site, so I did. First thing was an autoplay video with audio. Turned the ad-blocker back on. If you want to use ad’s you have to do it in a smart way or people like me and countless others will just block them all. If you want to play a video, let the user decide to play it!

  • Tim

    Maybe I’m not reading this correctly. Why would I want sound to be on for all videos because I enabled it once? I likely enabled the audio on that particular occasion because I deemed the content in that respective video to be worth listening to. This shouldn’t signal that I want to listen to every other video that appears. Audio should always be off by default.

  • Erik

    I absolutely hate this “feature.” It’s totally unwanted. I turn it off auto-play on cell for obvious data-usage reasons, and I want it off always as well on wifi. If I want to play a video, I’ll press play, and only then do I want to see and hear the video.

  • MrXax

    Found this out yesterday. That’s a feature I didn’t need.