Insurance Bureau of Canada: Distracted Driving is the Leading Cause of Deaths


It has been a few years already since distracted driving laws have taken into effect in Alberta, however, it appears that drivers aren’t getting the message.

According to a report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, more Canadians are dying on the roads due to distracted driving than impaired driving. Over 80 percent of collisions are the result of inattention. In a statement, VP of the Western Region for the Insurance Bureau of Canada Bill Adams said:

“We lose more people in our country right now to collisions as a result of distracted driving than drinking and driving. Many more people are dying because of their cell phones, and that makes no sense.”

Edmonton Police Service Chief Rod Knecht said that police handed out nearly 2,500 tickets were handed out in the first quarter of 2017, which is a 60 percent increase year-over-year.

[via CTV News]


  • NOHoldsBar

    I’ll drink to that and have a few more for the road #smh

  • toysandme

    This seems to be the message. The Insurance Bureau wants us to go back to the old ways of dying.

  • I read that

    Really? You are joking right?

    I read it as distracted driving is so serious that it has surpassed drinking and driving as the greatest cause of fatal accidents today.

    I am all for increasing the number of demerits for distracted driving so that those who are ignorant enough to text and drive will find their annual auto insurance triple what it now is. Too many morons on the road now with their eyes focused on their laps instead of the road.