iOS 10.1.1 Users Plagued with iPhone Battery Drain Issues


A growing number of iPhone users who updated to iOS 10.1.1 are having battery problems, with a thread on Apple’s support forums growing to 13 pages, filled with complaints about various iPhones turning off when the battery falls below a certain percentage, The Next Web reports. Majority of users are reporting that their phones die when there’s 30% charge left.

Battery drain

At the same time, hundreds of users are complaining about their iPhones randomly shutting down on Twitter as well: 

Although not all users have managed to get their phones working normally, a few have also shared solutions that helped them, such as turning off the Raise to Wake feature on newer models seems to fix the issue for some users.

Are you experiencing the same problem after updating to iOS 10.1?


  • Yearoftherat

    I’m on beta 10.2 and my battery life is horrible too.

  • Victorious Secret

    My iPhone 6 on iOS 10.1.1 is actually doing just fine. I guess i’m in the minority thankfully.

  • Interesting. My battery actually got better on 10.1.1 compared to 10.0.x
    I wonder if it’s a service like twitter or something going wild for some people, where others may not use it, thus don’t suffer.

  • Dehop

    iPhone 6s, same problem… but who’s to say if it’s the OS or the previously-identified battery issue that’s the culprit.

  • OliChabot

    What if I tell you I have been having iPhone battery drain issue since iOS 8.0.0 ?

  • Marcussis

    iPhone 6S; turned off Wi-Fi calling (on Rogers)

  • The Stig

    My iphone6 had been suffering this issue for couple of weeks already, hard reset it couple of days ago and seems to have got better. Need more time to confirm.

  • I had these same issues on my 5S but never thought to research the matter. I learned about the issue a day after I replaced my battery with a new one. Sheesh!

  • KIII

    Thought it was the battery in my 5s needing a replacement which just happened to show up today. 43% , 30% and 1% are a constant battery read after the update.

    Would anyone happen know what the standard charge is on a battery replacement in store now? Had been quoted $180 before tax at a “premier” Apple reseller.

  • KIII

    To add to this it appears all apps that have had a charge cycle count feature are now unable to provide that information since the iOS update.????????????

  • smarty

    YES, my iPhone 6 has been doing it since the 10.1.1 upgrade. Dies when the battery level reaches 37% or below and I try to make a call. Trying to turn it on shows plug to charger symbol on screen. So annoying, I was thinking my battery needs replacement… maybe not then and it’s the iOS.

  • erth

    mine too. i have been in talks with support. they are willing to send me a new phone (6) as i am still on apple care.

  • Atomix

    Yes same here. iPhone 5