iOS 11 Lets You Quickly Disable Touch ID to Keep the Cops Out


In iOS 11, Apple is adding an easy way to quickly disable Touch ID.

A new setting, which designed to automate emergency services calls, lets iPhone users tap the power button quickly five times to call 911. The feature does not automatically call emergency services, but it brings up the option to. In addition, the feature also temporarily disables Touch ID until you enter a passcode.

The feature, which was discovered by a Twitter user, is in the public beta of iOS 11. Previously, if you wanted to temporarily disable Touch ID you’d need to restart an iPhone.

Apple’s new method is a far more discreet way of locking out a phone, especially if you’re in a situation where you’re worried someone might force you to unlock your phone.

Unlocking phones with a fingerprint sensor is a hot topic for law enforcement requests.

[via BGR]


  • Dehop

    I imagine this’ll also disable the rumoured face recognition in the new iPhones.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m sure the intention was to keep all unwanted people out, not just the police. Let’s change the narrative here and stop fueling the police hate train. Unbelievable.

  • Chrome262

    not sure whats to stop people from forcing you to reveal your code. And you will still have to open your phone at the boarder no matter which way you are coming. Cops at least will respect your rights, those are suspended at the boarder.

  • Chrome262

    its not the cops, its law enforcement in general, there are cities and agencies in court as we speak trying to force the issue without a warrant, just like at the border. Cops themselves just follow policy.

  • spellingCOP