iOS 4.2 Has Improved Network Tech According to Nokia Siemens


Looks like iOS 4.2 has some new performance enhancements under the hood, according to Nokia Siemens. The new included tech is called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy to minimize network congestion and improve battery life.

Here’s what Nokia Siemens had to say:

With its latest iPhone iOs 4.2 software, it looks like Apple is joining efforts to cut smartphone signalling down to size. Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks have shown that iPhone iOs 4.2  supports a technology called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy, which we have already introduced into our networks. Basically, the technology makes the network and the handset work together to create the best conditions for smartphones to work quickly, yet have a long battery life and minimize network congestion.

What a crazy way to learn about new tech bundled into 4.2–from Nokia Siemens. For those iOS 4.2, have you noticed any battery or network improvements? We know that the Rogers 3G network has had its share of troubles, which this Network Controlled Fast Dormancy probably wouldn’t make a difference.

What else is Apple hiding in iOS 4.2 that we don’t know about? We know there’s limited AirPlay and AirPrint functionality…but what else?!

[Nokia Siemens via Engadget]


  • Anonymous

    iOS 4.2 Keeps changing the icons for saved web sites (the auto-generated thumbnail ones when a site doesn’t have one of it’s own).

    Really annoying when you carefully crop the site for the icon and it screws it up next time you visit that site.

    It is also buggy. Sometimes the top reflection part is just blank.

  • Anonymous

    “We know that the Rogers 3G network has had its share of troubles, which this Network Controlled Fast Dormancy probably wouldn’t make a difference.”

    If you don’t know what a feature does, why are you commenting on it? An insanely quick googling session shows that one of the things this Network Controlled Fast Dormancy feature does is improve network congestion, allowing it to handle more transactions from more customers. I don’t know why you would say it couldn’t help Rogers’ congestion problems, when clearly it could. Just depends on whether or not Rogers has that feature on their network.

  • DanyO

    Don’t know about 3G, but WiFi seems better on 4.2… With the iPhone4 on 4.1, I used to have to cycle the wifi (turn off wifi -> turn on wifi), several times a day at work (the wifi signal is strong, but it would get “stuck”, and not load anything). After 4.2, I don’t have that problem anymore.

  • Anonymous

    But didn’t Ericsson build Rogers’ network?

    But if this feature was put in by Apple then hopefully Ericsson networks support it

  • It’s actually nice to hear another company speak nice things about the other,
    instead of them always trying to one up eachother, or talking about the next lawsuit.

  • gordunramsie

    Any bloke with a brain could sense the slight sarcasm in that quote you mentioned.

    The Rogers 3G network NEEDS TO WAKE UP! IT’S GIVEN UP!

  • Ex