iOS 4.2 To Be Released Tomorrow?


Last week Apple seeded the GM seed of iOS 4.2, which is the last seed before the official release. While no official release date for iOS 4.2 has been set, considering the GM is out, the official build is coming very very soon.

Over the weekend, German website reported that iOS 4.2 is due November 9, 2010 which is information apparently provided by a Deutsche Telekom representative.

However, another blog called iFun, is offering a different report, indicating that the release of iOS 4.2 is due November 12, 2010. This report comes from a discovery reportedly indicating a carrier update pushing out on November 12, 2010, which then seems like a typical time to release an iOS update. has also received its own insider tips indicating that the release date is November 9, 2010. Moreover, many users have been reporting that their iTunes update date when an iPhone is attached indicates that the next update check will be on November 9, 2010, however this may be more coincidence.

It is difficult to say which date is accurate but Apple does typically release software and products on Tuesdays and November 9 is a Tuesday.

What do you think? November 9, November 12, or later?

Thanks to Jonathan for the tip!



  • glacasse

    Tomorow !

  • Laserheart

    Given that the 11th is a holiday, and many people take the day off Friday, I doubt it will be the 12th.

    Then again, they might take advantage of the fact that less people will be at work that day to release it…

    I still doubt it will be Friday.

  • I’m not really that worried about a 3 days difference.

  • Anonymous

    The date for when iTunes will check for updates is just 7 days from whenever it checked last… Not magically set to when the next update will be released. Mine currently shows 14 November.

  • Weebsurfer

    Don’t care until cydia and my other “can’t live without” JB apps are confirmed working with 4.2. Guessing that won’t take long though. These DEV Teams are f’n solid!

  • I couldn’t wait and found the GM online. It made a substantial difference on my daughter’s 3G. It seems to have cut the lag in half for almost all apps. On my 4 I can’t really notice anything amazing. It does have the ability to change text tones and set individual text tones for each contact. The AirPrint won’t work with my printer that is hooked up to my AirPort Express. Apparently only certain printers are supported??? I think I will be able to use a shared printer through my MBP once 10.6.5 is out.

  • Anonymous

    The 11th is a holiday? Since when?

  • Bruceweinstein

    So what time would Apple release it?

  • Anonymous

    My guess is tomorrow, Nov 9th. You should all start checking iTunes around 10am PST.

  • Anonymous

    Remembrance Day, in Canada, anyway.

  • lilsaint

    Hmm its the same ” The Idea is that we’re getting it ” lmao

  • Guest

    I’m in Canada, and it’s no holiday, although it should be. We all still have to work. Cept maybe the banks at most??

  • iGuy

    iOS 4.2 AND Call of Duty: Black Ops both on the same day? Tomorrow just keeps getting better and better!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess it depends on who you work for. My former employer gave us the day off. I know schools in my city are off that day.

  • Remembrance Day is a statuatory holiday in all of Canada except Ontario and Quebec. In Alberta (and probably elsewhere in the country) there is flexibility as we can take it on the day of or save it for another day as a floater holiday. This is, to my understanding, to allow for dealings with U.S. customers/counterparts that do not have the day off therefor our absence would be detrimental to the business.
    Mind you, I think it should be a stat holiday across the country, no exceptions. It’s the least we can do to honour those who fought and died during the war.

  • Harrison

    I hope its tomorrow, it will be out by November 16th for sure.

  • You should be able to access any printers shared from Mac OS 10.6.5 or windows PCs running iTunes 10.1.

  • I would say that we will get Mac OS 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 tomorrow… And iOS 4.2 on the 12th…

  • Eshkin

    It says “Tuesday 9” on my box from iPhone 3G : )))

  • Are you serious? if you really dont know i would ask you to remove that Canadian flag from you icon lol
    Myself, perhaps some other former servicemen would throw some history books at you lol
    (I mean no disrespect) ^_~.

  • Anonymous

    I meant that I don’t get the day off here in Ontario. It shouldn’t be viewed as a holiday anyway. Holiday’s mean celebration. This is a solemn day of Remembrance for those who served and, especially, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom. I meant no disrespect to our Veterans. I was just trying to point out that not everyone gets the day off. We all should though, in order to properly remember our Veterans.

  • Gotcha. Unfortunately i disagree about you saying that it shouldn’t be a holiday, but i do understand what you are saying ^_~ *cheers*

  • Mark

    I so hope it’s today (Nov 9)… Has anyone else in the GTA on the Fido network been getting failed calls and then the phone just keeps searching for the network. You then have to reboot the phone in order to get back on Fido. I along with a few other friends have been having this problem for almost two weeks now but my wife who’s on Rogers is not having the problem. We are also seeing this with both JB and non-JB phones… Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Xetal

    FIDO and yes i do. Often. Too Often. Way Too often. I also get a tons of dropped calls as i drive under power lines or on Metal bridges. Jacques Cartier, Victoria so on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean we shouldn’t get the day off to remember and celebrate the fallen. I just meant that calling it a “Holiday” isn’t the word I’d use. Holiday has a different connotation for me. I guess it’s a stupid distinction. I certainly didn’t intend it to mean that we shouldn’t be observing Remembrance Day as a nation and spending the day reflecting on those who have served and sacrificed. Why Ontario and Quebec are the only ones not doing this is beyond me.

  • Wuju

    So is it today? Anyone tried to see?

  • Abe

    Well, that’s the 12th come and gone now without the updated iOS.

    Another great source.

    Rumour-mongering at it’s finest.