iOS 4.3 Golden Master To Be Released March 2, 2011?


This morning, BGR reports that iOS 4.3 has hit the Golden Master stage (the last stage before public release).

Apple has reportedly finalized iOS 4.3 and the firmware is set to debut on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices possibly next week during the iPad media event on March 2, 2011.

One of our Apple sources has just informed us that it looks like Apple has finalized the code for its upcoming iOS 4.3 release. The build, we’re told, is 8F190 for those keeping track.

iOS 4.3 is widely expected to deliver new features such as as Personal Hotspot, enhanced AirPlay support, and a software-based toggle to set the functionality of the side switch on the iPad.



  • Likely the GM will come out this week and the official release will be on March 2nd. I think this would follow the pattern previously? Correct me if Im wrong. Maybe the GM comes out at the event usually..