iOS 5 To Be Released By October 10th, Confirms Twitter Developer Event


A recent announcement by Twitter scheduling a couple of “Developer Teatimes” on October 10th and 12th, both focused on Twitter integration in iOS 5, further confirms that iOS 5 is going to arrive before those dates. The first teatime will be held in London on Oct. 10 and the next one in New York City on Oct. 12. The events limit only 150 attendees per city according to the report by The Next Web. Since iOS 5 is currently in developer’s beta phase, it is being speculated that these events are meant to closely coincide with iOS 5’s public release next month.

Twitter’s Jason Costa says:

There’s a lot going on in the ecosystem and we’d like to take this chance to share the highlights with you – including the latest developments with the platform, areas of opportunity that we’re seeing, and a heavy focus on the iOS 5 Twitter integration for developers. We’ll also be holding a Q&A session with members of the platform team, plus time to hang out with each other.

In all previous events related to Twitter in iOS 5, participants have been required to be Apple developers. This was the case with the event during WWDC, which was held at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, not the WWDC venue, but still required that participants be registered Apple developers.


  • Anonymous

    … and the rumors abound…

  • iGuy

    I’m honestly not even that excited. Apple keeps integrating features into iOS that help you use your iPhone with airplay compatible devices, but what else are they doing? iMessage? Yeah a little late on the draw. To-do list? What a cheap cop-out. Magazine subscriptions for iBooks? Cool, but not everybody uses iBooks. Shit give us some ground breaking features already. Or how about stuff that every other OS has had many versions ago. I’m losing faith in Apple.

  • If any of these rumours are true, I guess Apple will be announcing their fall event this week some time. Maybe. 😛

  • I read this morning it was announced for the 4th…not at Yerba Buena though…on the Apple Campus.  I’ll look for the link

  • What do you suggest?  Have a flip out iSpade to break ground with? 

  • Ex



  • Don

    I couldn’t agree more with you, I am just getting so bored with iOS its been the same crap since its debut. The only major changes if you can call them major were wall paper and multitasking or should I say fast app switching.  Apple seriously needs to clean up there OS, stop being uptight with it, allow widgets, live wall papers and more features. Its just so out dated its just not fun anymore, can’t wait until I’m eligible for my upgrade in December the Galaxy S2 is looking really good right about now.

  • Haha. Yeah, still just a rumor. Not an announcement.

  • The problem with switching operating systems, is that a lot of folks already have so much invested in the “apps”, that it’s tough to just flush all that down the toilet and walk away. Same with switching from PC to Mac or Linux, or whatever, but you mobile device is so much more personal than your computer. Just my opinion. If you’re ready to move on, great, but please don’t bother telling us Apple lovers how much you hate Apple. Again, just my opinion.

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  • ?Dennis

    I agree…

    How about these MINOR updates:

    •Easy access to Bluetooth on/off
    •A calendar that actually stores the entries than just deleting older entries after a month
    •Easy access to control screen brightness
    •A way to get rid of sent email addresses. (send an email to someone on kiiji and have their address stored forever)
    •Clear individual phone recents list. Why do we have to delete all or none?

    Apple needs to start from this list and refresh their OS. I’m annoyed at these things and bored with the rest of the iOS. C’mon Apple, same shit since 2007.

  • SgtAdam

    If your phone has been jailbroken, you’ve had these items for awhile.

  • Vazandrew

    Newsstand is not for iBooks, it integrates all magazine subscriptions into one place. not sure on imessage but really BBM is the only other comparison there. Explain how to do lists are a cop out, it may be useful for people.

    The AirPlay mirroring is pretty groundbreaking if you ask me.

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  • Anonymous

    That is interesting man because we have heard that iOS 5 will release at 5th of October now still it is late??????????? anyhow we are waiting For the greatest Event by Apple