iOS 5 Will Still Use Google Maps–For Now?

More iOS 5 speculation coming your way, this time it’s regarding the use of Google Maps. Apple’s acquisition of mapping companies Poly9 and Placebase surely would hint at Apple’s own mapping system coming our way right? Not so fast, according to 9to5Google.

They are ‘claiming’ sources mention Apple will remain using Google Maps in iOS 5, instead of an Apple-branded maps service. Google Maps for iOS is being refined and improved by Apple, so no hints of a new service are coming anytime soon–for now.

I love Google Maps on my iPhone, and I hope Apple doesn’t remove them entirely. Why? Google Streetview. Also, ‘Live Traffic‘ also works in Google Maps in Canada. Even if Apple does remove Google Maps, we’ll still be able to use the service within Mobile Safari.

I can see Apple working with Google to implement some new changes such as a native turn-by-turn GPS app, but to remove Google Maps entirely would mean developers modifying their apps too. A large majority of applications rely on Google Maps and any changes would mean a massive transition over to Apple’s own mapping service.

What do you think? Should Google Maps stay or go?


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  • Bubblewrap74

    I would really like a mapping app that does Canadian addresses properly. I’m forever having to type my city, because g-maps is always giving me suggestions for the same address in some obscure Texas or California town, instead of the one nearest me. It drives me bonkers and I’m not sure why it occurs, or how to fix it.

  • Anonymous

    mapps should stay. what they should think about implementing is built-in turn-by-turn guidance (yes it will likely kill gps apps like tomtom, garmin, and navicon, but if u think about it who cares? garmin almost directly copied apples iphone 4 design with their new 3000 series (see nuvi 3900).

  • Sparky


  • Anonymous

    Google Maps is one of my top used apps on my iPhone. I would hate to see it be removed…
    I haven’t tried the updated webapp. But if it doesn’t have Street view, Hybrid/Satellite view, and most importantly live Traffic, then that would suck 🙁

  • Drocass

    I can see why Apple is trying to implement their own maps.
    Not only because they are competitors but I have been using Androids along side my iPhone 4. My latest being the Nexus S and YouTube + Maps on the droid compared to iPhone is night and day. it seems Google is holding back some of the wow factor features found on their own Google phones, and we all know the youtube app on the iPhone has been a joke for a while.

    Dont get me wrong here, i am in no way dissing iPhone as i still love it, but it seems fairly clear either they cant or they are not giving the full package to iOS users. ^_^

  • Youth

    I agree but you left out one very important feature all Toronto public transit users use. The directions via transit! Anytime I don’t know how to get somewhere via bus/subway my maps app always does! If Apple tries to implement their own mapping system they have some massive shoes to fill!

  • Anonymous

    Is this Google’s fault, or Apple’s? e.g. does Google or Apple develop those apps?

    Google making improvements to the web versions of both Maps and Youtube suggests it’s at least partly Apple’s fault.

  • Kirk Armstrong


  • Kirk Armstrong