iOS 7 Concept Shows New Dashboard, Notification Center Banners and More [VIDEO]


Ios 7 concept notification banner2

German site Apfellike has created a round up of some interesting concepts they’d like to see in iOS 7. They cover some nice looking concepts such as a redesign of the iOS lockscreen; a new dashboard similar to Widgets in OS X for controlling toggles such as LTE, Bluetooth and more; a redesign of notification banners that will allow read more and instant quick replies; a concept for resizable app icons to get quick access to more options; and lastly, a new dedicated dictionary app along with a revision of the Notes app.

Ios 7 concept dashboard by theintenseplayer d5gzwlt  1

IOS 7 iphone 5S notiz

Here’s a quick video of the resizable app concept:

Here’s a video overview of their concepts:

I think the dashboard idea is pretty nice as there needs to be a faster way for iOS users to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more without going into Settings (in other words, I still miss the jailbreak tweak SBSettings). Out of the five iOS 7 concepts they introduced, which ones are your favourites? What do you think should come in iOS 7 when it’s released in the future?


  • Hooked on apples

    Wow those are some of the best concepts yet I especially like the resizable apps as that could create some cool new app content, as could the improved notifications. The dictionary app is a good idea, and I really like the dashboard for quick information
    These concepts feel apple, and I could potentially see them being added
    But I would like to see customization on a certain level if its moving lock screens or changing in app colours

  • georjnstacy

    I find it funny as my current jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 setup resembles this iOS 7 concept except for the dashboard and dictionary,

    Auxo + Forecast + NCSettings + Bitesms

  • apple+droid lover

    Quite impressive. If Apple does use this concept for iOS7, I can guarantee that they will take this and create a more visually appealing and easier to use interface. And I do feel, this concept respects Steve Jobs’s need for a closed, controllable system while taking in account the recent demand for a more liberal, customizable interface.

    This iOS7 concept might be enough to bring Apple’s level of innovation back to where they once used to be in terms of software and it could be one of the most wanted in the whole market if not absolutely top.

  • Mohamad

    My idea is to have dictionary search results just like spotlight on OSX

  • steve81

    Widgets could be useful, but it’s all about making them the right way (just like Apple did copy-paste late, but they did it well). A few things to keep in mind :

    – When users get iOS 7, they should know how to use it. The apps paradigm isn’t going away anytime soon, it has to be very familiar to someone who used an iOS device before.

    – Widgets would be there for advanced users. They shouldn’t be necessary to use an iOS device.

    – Battery life is always the main concern. I suppose they could feed these widgets through push notifications, but APIs would have to be limited at first.

    I think the concept video for resizable app looks interesting, but I feel it might still be too confusing for most people. I can already hear these questions being asked by common users : “How do I open the app after that icon disappeared? I’m looking for the mail app, I can’t find it anymore! And how do I set up a new alarm?”

    One of the problem with Windows 8 is the live tiles that don’t even show the name of the app anymore, see this article :

    In the concept video above for resizable apps they did keep the name of the app underneath, which is good. I assume they would launch the app by touching the app icon in the bottom left, but it would be harder to open compared to a regular app with a bigger icon.

  • I want this in my life

  • +1, seems like a no brainer to me.

  • nickybu

    My concept of iOS 7 Lock Screen