iOS 8 Interactive Notification Concept [Video]


Designer Sam Beckett has released a new concept video demonstrating how interactive notifications could work in iOS 8. In the video he shows how a user could reply to an iMessage without leaving the app they are currently using.


Currently, notifications in iOS 7 are displayed as a static banner giving the user a useful reference but the user is unable to action the notification in any way. Here is Beckett’s concept video:

Sam Beckett has done many Apple concepts before including an iTV remote concept. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this concept.


  • s1n1ster

    Looks cool but this has been done on jail broken iPhones for a long time. BiteSMS anyone? I can’t wait till apple finally adds this and people oooooo and ahhhhh at how amazing and inovative apple is year after year. But I guess you gotta hold basic stuff back and act like its a new amazing tool when you have a new phone and operating system almost every year or less.

  • sully54

    I think it is right for apple to practice incredible restraint when implementing an idea. You can either do it the Samsung way and implement every single idea anyone could ever come up with but have no practical everyday use or do it the way Apple does it and makes sure there can be a practical everyday application to an idea.

    Not saying that the specific idea illustrated in the video above wouldn’t have a practical, everyday use (heck, I’d be the first to lineup for that feature) but I’m just saying in general, Apple doesn’t add features just so they can say the iPhone does a thousand things but have people only use a fraction of those features.

  • [anonymous]

    Glad to see some well-presented iOS 8 feature mockups that don’t radically change everything just to prove a point that iOS could be just like every competing mobile OS.

  • OliChabot

    Love this concept, and also love the iPhone they are using, looking like an iPhone 6 concept with bigger screen?