iOS 9 ‘Nearby’ Suggestions Feature Showing Up in Canada Again


During the last beta of iOS 9, developers and public beta testers were able to see the Nearby feature when swiping to right on their iPhone or iPad. This Maps feature allowed instant shortcuts to points of interest near your location.

However, when iOS 9 was publicly released, the feature disappeared, as many of you told us it was no where to be found. As of last night, it appears the feature has now been enabled again:

Ios 9 nearby

Apple’s iOS 9 feature availability page only lists the USA and China for their Nearby feature within Maps. It looks like Canada will soon be added to that list.

Are you seeing Nearby on your iPhone or iPad right now?

Thanks Mark, Robert


  • Kael

    Yup, Nearby is currently working on my iPhone 6.

  • Balkano

    It is showing up for me on my iPhone 6s Plus

  • Léonard Bonfils

    I have Nearby activated on my iPhone 6S Plus, running iOS 9.0.1 (haven’t installed the developer beta of iOS 9.1 yet)

  • Andre

    Yup, see it.

  • It’s showing up for me as well. Looking forward to checking this out. Should be especially handy while travelling.

  • Roy DonovN

    It is now as well for the whole time I thought it was. Glitch and apple care tried to fix it lol

  • Yup, came back here as well, and I’m still on 9.0. Seems odd that it would come back so soon after officially disappearing in the 9.0 release. Seems likely that Apple is merely testing this for now, particularly since they haven’t updated their feature availability page.

  • Harry

    Nice, but Nearby is by no means a complete offering of what is nearby. Looking forward to Apple improving completeness of information.

  • McNucklefuts

    Interestingly I see it on my 6S but not my 6 – both running 9.1 Beta 2.

  • I strongly suspect that may be exactly why Apple pulled it in the first place, and why it’s still not “officially” available yet.

  • Many99

    It appeared this morning and not it as disappeared again

  • kabsalsa

    I saw it earlier and now it is gone. Too bad!!!

  • poopchute

    And now it’s gone again.

  • mxmgodin

    Saw it for the first time around lunchtime today (September 29th), then it was gone again… :/

  • McNucklefuts

    Yeah mine was there.
    Then it disappeared.
    Did it come back at all for you?

  • mxmgodin

    Nope, never saw it again after that one time.

  • Many99

    It’s back again

  • mxmgodin

    I’m seeing it too right now (Oct. 8, 5pm).

  • It’s been appearing for me all day in the main Search screen, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the Maps app itself yet.

  • Many99

    It’s disappeared again for me again

  • Kael

    It’s back again!