iPad Pro Hands-On Shows Off Productivity Features, Apple Pencil is Excellent



With the launch of Apple’s iPad Pro coming up shortly, technology and education expert Fraser Speirs got some hands-on time with the device at an invitation-only event in London yesterday.

Speirs has shared some of his thoughts and first impressions of the device from his one-hour hands-on session. Overall, Spears was impressed by the iPad Pro, finding it most ideal for productivity tasks. He says that multitasking is a whole different thing on the device with a true feeling of “two iPads stuck together.”


These qualities makes the device a great product for serious work and creativity. In a tweet, Speirs said:

Turning to the Apple Pencil, Speirs “extremely impressive” and “certainly the best iPad stylus I have used by a country mile.” He says that palm rejection is described as “near-perfect” and its the best he’s ever seen on iOS. The Pencil combined with the display is said to make a smooth experience for writing and drawing.

Speirs called the Smart Keyboard “a bit fiddly” due to its size and its complexity. However, he says that it is a decent enough keyboard. BGR also got a hands-on with the iPad Pro and they said that the device “is a game-changer.”’

“A new direction for the iPad that exemplifies how capable it is. The most powerful iOS device ever created. The Apple Pencil, something that a tiny population started mocking because of Apple’s focus on a simple accessory, seems to be perhaps the best peripheral for any iPad ever created.

It’s weighted but light, charges via the lightning port on the iPad or a lighting to USB cable, but more importantly, it is said to work better than any other type of stylus. It senses pressure perfectly, the device ignores wrists, and the speed is so fast that it feels like you’re actually using a pencil and writing on paper — you don’t wait for the screen to display what you’re drawing, it appears as you draw. T-Pain was also in attendance at Apple’s get-together, as were many employees and executives from the popular drawing app Paper by FiftyThree. It also looks like Paper was showing off an iPad Pro-optimized version of the company’s app.”


As we near the launch of the device, we should see more and more reviews of the iPad Pro and its new accessories including the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.


  • I’m wanting to buy an iPad but I’m kinda stuck.
    I curious about the iPad pro, not sure if it would be too big for me to be practical, don’t really want to buy a year old iPad Air 2, and not really wanting a Mini 3, re-branded as a Mini 4.

  • Zeke

    I have the iPad mini 4 and it’s nothing like the iPad mini 3. My iPad mini 4 is a lot lighter, huge improvement in the screen qualify, split view is awesome and it’s a lot faster. I absolutely love my iPad mini 4.

    The only problem I am having is finding a good iPad plan for it. Bell’a iPad plan didn’t work out. I use Twitter sms short codes to get text message updates on my iPhone. iCloud was pushing the Twiiter short code text messages to my iPad mini 4 and Bell was charging me 20 cents a message.

    I called Bell, stayed nice and calm and polite (a secret to getting refunds with Bell), explained the problem and simply asked for a refund because I didn’t think it was fair to charge me twice for the same Twitter text message on my iPhone and on my iPad. Bell agreed, reversed the charge. Bell suggested I turn off connectivity but that is not going to happen. What’s the point of having these great technologies if we have to turn them off so we aren’t double charged. Crazy.

    I ended up cancelling my service with Bell. I’m not sure who to go with now.

    As for the iPad Pro, I’m getting it. With the pen with the keyboard, 128GB LTE and I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome. If I really love it, I might think of using it as my daily driver. Depends on managing the size. Can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome.

  • Léon

    I am in the same boat. My iPad Air is driving me crazy with its 1GB (actually 976MB) RAM and constant reloading so I can’t wait to get rid of it. I wouldn’t pay the full price for the year old iPad Air 2 but iPad Pro might be too unwieldy for the way I use it, handheld for hours on end. If I have to sit at the desk, might as well use a computer. I wish there was an iPad Air 3 around the corner but it’s probably going to be released later so it doesn’t cannibalize iPad Pro sales.

  • aaloo

    can’t you just hotspot from your iPhone or is there extra charges for that on your plan?

  • I was thinking that too. Just pay the extra $10, $15 on your phone for extra data, and tether.

  • Ahh. I assumed it was a rebranded 3. Because they sell the mini 2 and 4, 3 just disappeard from the Apple website. Just didn’t make sense to me.

  • Yeah, I’d buy an Air 3 right now if there was one. I totally agree, might as well get another MacBook Air instead of a 12″ iPad.

  • Zeke

    My iPhone is with Bell Prepaid. I get unlimited Canada wide text and 200 free local minutes with the loyalty bonus Bell Prepaid has because I’ve been with them for over 2 years. I pay $15.75 a month. For me it’s a great deal and works great. I really like being prepaid with my iPhone.

    I checked a few months ago about a data prepaid add on but Bell Prepaid said the data add on uses the 3G network, not LTE Prepaid customers get 3G, post paid customers get LTE. It would cost me $30 for 1GB for 3G, 5 cents overage which works out to be $51.20 per GB 3G network (eye roll).

  • Raul Companioni

    Can’t help but mention #firstworldproblems ^^^ :p

  • Says the guy using the Internet 😛 lol