iPhone 4 Ordering Now Live On Apple Canada Online Store $659/$779


Today is a great today for Canadians as Apple has started to take Canadian orders for the iPhone 4 through the Apple Canada Online Store!

In the USA, France, Germany, Japan, and United Kingdom, iPhone 4 pre-orders went live on June 15, 2010 for a launch date of June 24, 2010. At the time, it was confusing to why Canada was left out of that country list.

Now, one month later on July 30 2010, it is Canada’s launch day and Apple has opened Canadian online orders.

iPhone 4 Purchasing Methods

Canadians will have three methods to get their iPhone 4:

1.) Canadians will be able to order the unlocked, full price iPhone 4 16/32GB in Black through the Apple Canada Online Store. Any online orders are shipped to the billing address (no store pickup).

2.) For customers that want iPhone 4 locked on contracts, activations or upgrades, visit your local Apple Store or Canadian wireless dealer store today (or from today going forward). There will be line-ups this weekend however.

3.) As an alternative for the unlocked iPhone 4, customers can also visit their local Apple Store. There will be line-ups this weekend however.

To summarize, if you want your iPhone 4 IMMEDIATELY, do either method 2 or method 3 above.

Please note that the iPhone 4 is limited to two per customer.

Canadian iPhone 4 Pricing

Canadian pricing for the iPhone 4 is as follows when purchased at an Apple Store (or on contract from a Canadian wireless dealer):

iPhone 4 (Black Only; White Delayed Until Further Notice)

  • 16GB: $159 locked on contract; $659 unlocked without contract
  • 32GB: $269 locked on contract; $779 unlocked without contract
  • Looks like the CBC/Toronto Star sources were correct.

Note: Any iPhone 4 purchased at a Canadian wireless carrier store will be locked to that carrier no matter the price paid. However, if purchased at full price from an Apple Store, the iPhone 4 will be unlocked. If purchased on contract from an Apple Store, the iPhone 4 will be locked to a Canadian wireless carrier.


The iPhone 3GS is also available at a new price:

iPhone 3GS (Black)

  • 8GB: $99 locked on contract; $549 unlocked without contract

Note: The iPhone 3GS purchased at a Canadian wireless carrier store will be locked to that carrier no matter the price paid. However, if purchased at full price from an Apple Store, the iPhone 3GS will be unlocked. If purchased on contract from an Apple Store, the iPhone 4 will be locked to a Canadian wireless carrier.

iPhone 4 MicroSIM Card

For the MicroSIM card, if the iPhone 4 is purchased at a Canadian wireless carrier store or Apple Store, the customer will receive one MicroSIM card for use with a Canadian wireless carrier at no charge.

Additional MicroSIM cards will be charged accordingly.


  • Darkphos

    Hi DW, you have to pay the federal taxe + provincial taxe if applicable. In certain condition, (but not for the iphone) you have the possibility to have a refund.

    See these 2 links for exemples:
    Canada :

    Québec province:

  • cotter

    Visitors to Canada can get a refund on (at least part) of the GST charged on items. Details are here:

  • yvrgal

    I was the first one to report this on Tweeter! :-)))

  • zadigre

    I just ordered mine online through the Apple Store and wasn't offered to choose which carrier I wanted to get my micro-sim for…
    So unless there is something wrong with the ordering page, it seems that we won't get a micro-sim with unlocked iPhone 4 bought online…

    by the way, the shipping delay is 3 weeks online… so if you want to get your phone NOW or in a short period of time, go to an Apple Store…

  • 33Minutes Left

    Waiting in line is much more fun.

  • zadigre

    Much more fun if you don't have to work… Or prepare the birthdate party of
    my wife… πŸ˜‰

  • Kanawati

    Just bought mine online. I can wait 3 more weeks. πŸ˜›

  • Agree! Met some really cool people here. Great experience for my first
    launch line up.

  • Kanawati

    Same thing here. My carrier is Rogers and there was no option at the online store. Maybe we need to buy it directly form our carriers… sad….

  • Kanawati

    Do you think they will charge on Credit Card right away or only when the product is send (like, in 3 weeks?)

  • Nick

    How's the line up? I'm considering whether to be one of the first to order online right now (and hopefully get it sooner than 3 weeks) or catch the ferry from Victoria and be there around 9:30 to see if I can get the phone now.

  • Kanawati

    Do you think they charge the Credit Card right now or only when the order is sent (like, in 3 weeks)?

  • The line up is around the corner to sephora. If you're here by then you should be ok as stocks are good. But you'll save ferry costs by ordering online πŸ˜‰

  • Nick

    Probably right away so they know the charges will go through before they send it.

  • I just called Rogers and they told me you could not buy an upgrade at the local retail store only an unlocked full price phone. Anybody actually confirm with Apple they can buy an upgrade or is this assumed?

  • A4236190

    Also no free bumper or case when I ordered online.

  • SF

    They will charge as soon as they ship.

  • Nick

    Thanks Gary! Well, I'll give it a try.. Hope you're right about the stocks. I've got a gig in Vancouver in the evening anyway so I've got to go over, it's just a matter of when, and if I can get the new phone now instead of 3 weeks I'll definitely go for the early ferry. By the way, what street is the apple store closest to? I've only been to that one once and i remember it was hard to find.

  • splicer100

    So whats Telus doing? Any one doing activations yet on Telus?

  • gp

    will the stock last for two days?????i mean in the retail stores

  • Raven

    3 weeks? This is BS

  • Centric87

    they charge right away…not when it ships. And also don't be surprised if there any other fees that will be added when the item actually ships (tax, environmental fee etc.)

  • Jenny875

    Is anyone standing in the lineup at Yorkdale mall? what does it look like? is it worth it to come today?


  • zadigre

    There won't be any additional fees… Taxes are already calculated when you order… Environmental fees, I don't think so…

    They can not charge you credit card unless they told you in advance they will do it…

  • They're confused.

  • You could try oakridge apple store first then come downtown. Pacific centre. West Georgia and Granville

  • Quantumfluxx

    Something to note as I just picked mine up from Rogers as an upgrade, if you don't buy their 100 dollar extended warranty, they charge you $11.30 for the microSIM.

  • Bobo

    THEY DON”T CHARGE RIGHT AWAY!!…they put a temp charge of 1.00 to make sure credit card is valid. I knew this but checked my credit card online and confirmed it.

  • iPhonelover

    i just ordered through apple – desperately hoping it ships sooner than 3 weeks!! question – does anyone know or have a guess as to iphone 4 availibility in apple retail stores in, say, 2 weeks? my family will be in vancouver then and i was wondering whether apple stores would have any by that point .. any thoughts??

  • GAH.. 3 weeks? Any chance at all of early shipments.. I just waited like a month :P. You'd think they'd at lease have a few ready for online ordering.. >.<

  • Lucy

    Whoa….just saw the footage of the Eaton Centre (Toronto) this morning. Crazy line! Props to those who braved it! Enjoy your new phones! I'm hoping to score one at either a Telus or Bell store (fingers crossed) at 10am…….

  • Jo7

    If I do this tonight, will there still be some in stock? You would think so as it is 3 weeks for shipping but you never know…

  • DW

    Hi I'm a tourist.
    I want to buy the Iphone $ 32GB unlocked (779$) from apple store.
    When I pay, Do I need to pay any taxes? (like in the US – When you pay it adds automatically the state taxes) or I just come with 779$ cash and get the Iphone 32GB unlocked?

  • Nick

    Thanks. So are you saying that because you think there's a chance they'll be out of stock? I wish the people in the store would have just told me how much stock they'll have when i called yesterday.. it wouldn't have hurt them, and I would have been able to decide whether to take the early ferry or sleep in.

  • zadigre

    Taxes will be added before you enter your credit card information…

  • You should be good if you come straight to Pacific Centre.

  • MR

    No ordering option on Rogers' website so far… grrr.

  • hmm odd, its launch day and TELUS website shows 'Register your interest', I'm closing my TELUS contract then and going to a different carrier then, TELUS – you snooze you loose.

  • Kanawati

    You're right:

    758.52 for the 16GB models… 86.00 only for the taxes and 13.00 for the delivery… πŸ™

  • DW

    Do you know how much tax is added if i plan to buy my Iphone 4 from Apple Store Market Mall
    3625 Shaganappi Trail NW
    Calgary, Alberta T3A 0E2
    what is the tax rate?

  • zadigre

    I don't know… I'm not in Alberta…
    But you will pay what you normally pay on all things you buy in Alberta… I
    think you only have to pay GST… Which is 5%

  • Chrome262

    You will get the micro sim with the phone, then when you get the phone you have to activate or transfer your account to that sim. You either call, or log in to your carriers website and select the option to transfer sims. and then you can activate your phone.

  • Lee

    Same boat here just bought mine online, it never asked me what carier I'm with to send me a Micro SIM, can't even get info from Telus since their site says coming soon. I guess when it arrives I just go into a Telus store and ask them for a MicroSIM? If it's only $10 it's not so bad but still. They also don't charge your card until it ships, I have like $300 on my CC free right now since I've bought so much lately and it still went through. Just transfered money onto it. Also the expedited shipping thing was a bit of a piss off, I had the $13 expedited but it never said anything about what it was so I removed it since I figured I'm not paying for this if it's going to ship it 1 day faster. Then on my order complete page it shows standard delivery 8-12 days after shipping grr.

  • Lee

    Also it may not be a full 3 weeks. Even if they have enough to ship the first few days orders in less than a week they're not going to put on their site that it ships that fast. Better to under promise and over deliver.

  • zadigre

    How do you know the will ship me a micro-sim when they did not ask me which
    provider I'm using right now? Micro-sim are not universal… So unless they
    contact me after my order, I'm sure I won't get a micro-sim with my iPhone
    ordered online

  • Aloha

    You will also need a Canadian Credit Card. You should try just getting one at an Apple Retail Store.

  • Kanawati

    You're right about the fees, but not about the card:

    When Apple charges your account

    Apple receives authorization to charge your account prior to shipping your item(s). However, your card will only be charged after your order has shipped. If your order contains multiple items and they ship at different times, you may see multiple charges on your credit card statement.


  • iphonedmilanista

    So if we order oonline we can't get the bumper right away (have to wait until the iPhone ships then wait another while for the bumper) AND no simcard with it ? Fkn rediculous if u ask me

  • Nando83p

    Hey Gary or EX , do you think the stock will survive until tomorrow?

  • iphonedmilanista

    so basically the only way to get a locked iphone would be to go to the retailers…. ughhhh

  • iphonedmilanista

    basically the only way to get a locked iphone would be in store only right? meaning i cant order online ?

  • Steve

    I think the only reason Rogers has HUP in store only is they have so few units, It seems like they only have a few thousand across the country from what people are reporting. By in store only it means they limit how many people use HUP.

    But seriously, in today's day and age to not allow use of the web or phone is ridiculous, wake up Rogers we are not in the 19th century…

  • iphonedmilanista

    Agreed. I wonder if every carrier is like that. I'm gonna call fido after to find out if I could order one. If not im sure they'll allow for online or phone orders next week. Well they better

  • Kitaguy

    Do we pay HST on the phone at the apple store? How about if we buy it online?

  • panino

    So if I get the microsim, Rogers would know that I'm using an iphone. Would they make me add a data plan then? (Don't hate – everywhere I go I have wifi available)

    In that case, I might as well get HUP from rogers and pay less. Problem is I may not be in Canada for the third year of the contract.

  • zadigre

    I don't think they will ask you to take a plan if you pay full price…

    You could always cut you current sim…

  • 3 weeks to deliver?? WTF?

  • zadigre

    There is a reason for this… Availability…
    Same delay for all countries around the world… Even USA.

  • Up to I know, you can get a Micro Sim Card Adapter Cutting Sticker for iPhone 4G at yopool. Only 1usd or so. Then you can switch Normal SIM and Micro SIM easily. Only one SIM card needed.

  • There is a kind of Magic SIM card which can unlock iPhone 4G, and you can google it.

  • Smyth_cam

    Rogers FAIL again!! I was in line for 3 and a half hours. FINALLY got up to the counter (I was only 10th in line) and their system crashes. They tell me they can't give me an iPhone.


  • Mrmozart

    Guys please help.

    I pre-ordered Iphone 32G. When I checked my Visa, I found that apple charged me $904 not $880.27 as their conformation email stated?

    Did they just stole CA$ 20 with no reason?


  • Mrmozart

    Kanwati, how much did apple charge you? try to check ur credit card not apple's confirmation email. thanks


  • zadigre

    It's a pre-authorization, not a charge… Wait a few days until it's really charged.

  • Mrmozart

    Zadigre, thanks..but why did they pre-authorize 905 not 880? …just curious, are all the same? Tom

  • zadigre

    I don't know… But for me the total is 926.70 (iPhone 4 32GB, dock and
    expidited shipping)… My dock was shipped right away because it was in
    And I got three pre-authorized “charges” on my credit card… 1.00, 32.73
    and 14.67. 32.73 is 29+taxes (PST/QST) and 14.67 is 13+taxes…

  • Mrmozart

    You were really helpful. yes you were charged 880 but I got charged 904. Gonna call them to know why. thanks again

  • cooldaniel1991

    Excuse me do you know a site like MYUS but for Canada that ships to Europe? Thank you

  • Fordomatic

    WTF? This news story said that a guy walked out of a store with 8 iphone 4’s and a $6,000 invoice. I thought there was a limit of 2 per customer? WTF?????

  • Nico

    wow bestbuy says they are selling the iphone in white? definetly some kind of glitch right?

  • zadigre

    I would be surprised to see Best Buy selling any Apple product that are not even available in an Apple Store!

  • zakman23

    I just called Apple's online store. The rep told me that Apple MAY ship it earlier than the three week window. We just have to wait and see. She also told me that everyone would be getting “expedited” shipping for free as they want to fulfill orders ASAP.

  • Martinmo1970

    Need help? I'm 1 year into a Rogers 3GS contract. Can I buy an unlocked 4 to replace this one? What would be my best move? Rogers says 499.00 for the 4 buy unlocked is a little more.

  • MR

    Yes you can. If you want to buy an unlocked iPhone 4, your only option is to buy it from Apple and pay full price.

  • zadigre

    Do think the will credit the expedited shipping for those who chose this shipping method?

  • Bubble

    A friend of mine said she got her iphone at a Bell store (in toronto) within 5 mins on Friday. Good luck.

  • That is correct.

  • Quintero Ricardo

    QUESTION: Is jailbreaking the same as unlocking the phone? If I was to get an Iphone with fido and if I jailbrake it, will it work with another carrier?


  • Centric87

    WTF!? that's messed up! Theres a news clip showing him…he really did have 8! obviously that guy is gonna be making a nice profit, being that there factory unlocked and all

  • Portacio6

    Does anyone know if apple store in PC still have stock and will it last at least this coming week? and when will the apple store have new shipments of iphone 4? and when will the line up on apple store end? (i.e like a normal business day) thanks for the help! πŸ™

  • portacio

    No jailbreaking is different from unlocking. Jailbreaking means taking off the some limitations of apple put into the phone such as themes for older ios (i.e 3.x.x firmware)

  • StockQuery

    so is there any update on the apple store stock, both web and in the pacific centre/vancouver? I know they are out of 32GB as of mid-afternoon yesterday but when are they realistically going to be getting more stock? Obviously after the weekend but is it worth checking on Tuesday?

  • portacio

    I need a reply on this question too!! πŸ™ I might go to PC on tuesday πŸ™

  • Quintero Ricardo

    I'm confussed cause I have a friend who jailbroke an iphone and took it to mexico and now he uses it with a carrier there, with no problem.


  • zadigre

    Most of the time, the first step to unlock your phone, is to jailbreak it…

    So he unlocked is iPhone for sire unless it was already unlocked…

  • Fmscrazy

    19th Century? Yeah lots of cellphones were happening then… Stop your damn crying, I don't think I've seen you building a better company yourself.

  • Fmscrazy

    No, Apple products are exempt from HST, GST and all other forms of taxes because of their superior nature.

  • Fmscrazy

    You are retarded, god forbid something be delayed by a few hours!! I am so glad that the company you started is providing us with better service!!!

  • Kanawati

    Hi, Mrmozart.

    Nothing on my credit card so far. I've read on AppleStore's website the following:

    When Apple charges your account

    Apple receives authorization to charge your account prior to shipping your item(s). However, your card will only be charged after your order has shipped. If your order contains multiple items and they ship at different times, you may see multiple charges on your credit card statement.

    CAD$ 758.52 for the 16GB models…CAD 86.00 only for the taxes and CAD 13.00 for the delivery… πŸ™

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  • Cuilo

    Guys! I bought a factory unlocked iPhone 4 on the apple online store do you know how the activation proceess will be once I get it?

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  • I second what zadigre said..

  • Panzer

    It need to use an activated iphone 4 to apply for free bumper, within 30 days of purchase (ship date).

  • JP

    Just wondering… if you order online from Apple, do they give you a microSIM? They did not ask at check-out what carrier I was with or anything, do they have some kind of universal SIM I can activate with either carrier? I would like to avoid a trip in to the Fido store if I can.

  • zadigre

    You answered your own question… I don't think they will give you a micro-sim if they did not ask you which provider you are using…
    And to the best of my knowledge, an universal micro-sim does not and can not exist…

  • Yes they should.

  • JP

    How can they if they didn't ask which carrier?

  • confused

    Has anyone figured out what type of service plans are available when you have an unlocked iPhone 4? What's the best deal out there?

  • zadigre

    Same as a locked phone if you take an agreement… Or if you can get a good plan when negotiating something with your provider…

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  • Mrmozart

    How could they know whether it is Canadian or no??

  • Mrmozart

    How could they know whether it is Canadian or no??

  • zadigre

    It's easy for a credit card company to know those things… They can even
    know who issued a specific credit card just with the number…
    And they can also check if you shipping or billing address your are using is
    matching the billing address of your credit card…

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  • cece

    All i can say is swear iphone 4. Ok ok no lie it is cool and i do want one, but seriously i can wait. i’m amazed at how much technology controls our lives. Thank god i can resist that control.

  • now, my dream phone. i will get this by december.

  • Christian

    what is the different iphone locked on contract and unlocked without contract ?

  • Locked = can only use SIM cards from Rogers (or Bell or Telus). No
    international SIMs will work when traveling.

    Unlocked = can use SIM cards from either Rogers/Bell/Telus, and any other
    international SIM cards when traveling.

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