iPhone 4 Supply Levels in Canada: Sold Out Coast to Coast


It looks like waiting in line on iPhone 4 launch day (and even camping out overnight) has been paying dividends for early iPhone 4 adopters. As for everyone else, right now it looks like the iPhone 4 is sold out coast to coast.

People have been waiting in line outside Apple Stores in Vancouver for the iPhone 4. Even with no info about iPhone 4 units being in stock, people are still waiting in line! Even when told by Apple Store employees to “go home” people refuse to leave and go home to their families! What has Apple done to us?!

Anyways, here some tips off the top of my head to find an iPhone 4 in your area:

  • Use the power of the social networks. Search on twitter and ask if anyone in your area has found an iPhone 4 in stock. Follow @iphoneincanada for the latest news
  • Call your local Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell carrier or dealer location. They have been bombarded by calls, but calling before visiting will save you time.
  • Camp outside your local Apple Store daily and hope for the best (this method works better for those who are not working)
  • Think outside the box and call a dealer that is “off the grid”. Such stores include the wireless dealers inside Costco locations, convenience stores, or locations that are far, far away from urban centres. It’s worth a shot.
  • Check the iPhone 4 stock level threads over at the Forums. Find a thread for your area or start one. Work together with others.
  • Order an unlocked iPhone 4 online via You’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to ship, but you’ll be guaranteed one.
  • Just wait it out. Supply levels will come back but it will take time. Pretend your iPhone 2G/3G/3GS is an iPhone 4. Done.
  • Check your local Craigslist, eBay, etc (thx for the reminder @remy9070!).

Rogers Confuses Customers with their Redboard iPhone 4 Update

We posted about how Rogers posted an iPhone 4 update on their Redboard. Well, it turns out their “update” was incorrect and it has confused both customers and Rogers dealers. Customers calling in have been alerted by Rogers staff that they have “no idea” what the Redboard is, and some CSR’s went as far to say the Redboard had been “hacked”.

According to @RogersKeith on twitter, he mentions that “Monday may be a better bet at many locations” since inventory is arriving at different times. Let’s see what happens next week, shall we?

What tips have worked for you to acquire an iPhone 4?


  • Jmccloc

    Well Rogers never did alert anyone when launch day came around…… Again another successful launch day in their eyes….

  • nixco

    Yo pardon my language but Apple has fucked y'all. peeps are fucking retards. Its a defective phone and its just like the other iphones. Its not very special but peep choice to be dumb. What is this world coming to ? Like really

  • nixco

    loool Choose not choice stupid hahaha

  • BLUE

    Stop masturbating and go to bed !!

  • een

    LOL@Eren…oh, wait.
    I hate you too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • JMCD23

    What the hell is wrong with people, it's just a phone. It isn't that much better than a 3GS, people are so impatient. Waiting in line for a few hours on launch day seems fine, but after…for no reason. Get a life.

  • Fake6

    Sorry, I normally I don't care about grammar. I think if you can get the message across, grammar shouldn't be important. However, you have no right to call people “retards”. Some people don't mind the hype if they can a phone. Peeps posting about other peeps tryina get a phone, callin em retards, like really.

  • chzplz

    I was in line for launch day, and had my “ticket” guaranteeing me that I'd get my iPhone 4 when I eventually got to the front of the line, but… the line was moving too slow and I had to bail.

    I got one from the 2nd shipment sent to my local apple store. Called in the AM, they said they had got some in stock, went over and got it. Instead of waiting 5hrs on launch day, it took 15 minutes.

  • Gerry18

    At least for those people who has a iPhone has one to use for the time being until they're able to get their hands on the new one.

  • Mr. Mac

    Yeah, I got my 3GS in Sault Ste-Marie last year and there were no line ups anywhere. Those Northern Ontario hicktowns probably still have some lying around if they weren't already transferred to the bigger cities. Unfortunately, I had to leave Canada before they released it this year so I'm now waiting until they ship it on Aug. 20th. You have to wait 3 weeks before it ships then 2-3 days to ship if you pay for expedited (that's also assuming the delivery date doesn't get postponed).
    Ironically, once it gets to Canada from China, I still have to wait for it to get shipped to the Philippines. Round the world and back again! But it's all worth it to finally get a factory unlocked phone so I don't have to wait for jailbreaks all of the time to update software and I won't have to wonder anymore if aberrant behaviour is due to the jailbreak or the iOS. It's so beautiful that Canada actually got the factory unlock before the US. Is that a first in world history? How about some netflix next . . .

  • een

    And it's pronounced re-TARD.

    Please get it right.


  • een

    Can I just go to bed?


  • een

    Just a phone?

    It's not JUST a phone.

    It's an iPHONE…..4.

    It's phone heroine.
    Slide it right into a vein and unlock. heh.

    Seriously, though, supply levels have had me thinking, “f*ck it” I'll pick up a pair of Samsung Galaxy S instead….not that I want to.
    I mean, they appear to be pretty comparable Android platform phones but that bastard Jobs is my pusher and he has me wanting to mainline the iP4.
    It's a little frustrating.

    Here's hoping I can get a pair in next couple of weeks. Be nice to get one for my wife's 40th. She's got the Jobs monkey on her back too. Bastard!


  • een

    Soooo, I'm about an hour east of Toronto and working night shift Monday.
    I'm off at 0630 Tuesday morning and could run to, say, Fairview Mall.
    It'd be the closest.
    I need a Bell-locked version(HUP is in play) and an unlocked for my wife (Bell are HUP assholes when it comes to her…besides we'll just swap sims….heh)
    Am I wasting my time because shipments are so erratic or should I say, “Damn the torpedoes!” and haul ass after work Tuesday morning?



  • Drew

    Walked into the apple store in Polo Park mall in Winnipeg at 9:30 yesterday morning. No line ups, no one around. Was playing with one of the demos when a sales person asked me if I needed help with anything. I asked jokingly if there were any more of the 16gb iphone 4's kicking around. He said there might be a few in the back. 10 mins later I was out the door with my shiny new iphone 4. I guess I just happend to be in the right place at the right time.

  • James00

    My advice is just to simply seduce a telco worker and make them do all the leg work.

    Worked for me, as I'm typing on my iP4 right now.

  • Eren

    I hate you right now

  • When you can learn to speak like a constructive member of society, then you can comment on others. Until then, so long as you can't construe a sentence without a profanity included, or at least not use stupid words like “peep”, kindly get lost.

  • Yes, we all hate you, ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mike

    I strolled into my local Telus about a half hour after it opened, an employee was available immediately and greeted me warmly, and I walked out about 15 minutes later with my shiny 32 GB iPhone 4.

    The line and stress at Rogers was apparently quite huge, however.

  • yeg hero

    there are lots of iphone 4 available at the Apple Store in Edmonton ( South Gate Mall). i was out of town. just came back and first thing i did is pay a visit to Apple store. took me about 20 min to purchase and activate my new shiny iphone4. I love it

  • Bdobson

    Why edit and not delete this troll? People please do not feed the troll.

  • een

    Hey yeg,

    16 or 32?


  • Calliope

    “Think outside the box and call a dealer that is รขโ‚ฌล“off the gridรขโ‚ฌย. Such stores include the wireless dealers inside Costco locations, convenience stores, or locations that are far, far away from urban centres. Itรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs worth a shot.”

    I suggest Wireless Waves or an even lesser known one, Telephone Booth. (at least in Vancouver area.) Virgin Mobile kiosks too, or The Source if you don't care which carrier you go to. Virgin has nicely priced plans anyway. I heard someone suggest Super Wal-Marts….?

  • DeMar

    Can I ask which Telus (was it in the GTA, as that's where I am looking to buy one)

  • Louis

    During my wanderings yesterday at Yorkdale & Eaton's Centre, The Source was the only place to consistently have Bell & Virgin in stock. YMMV.

  • gtasscarlo

    Hate you right now! Been looking everywhere for one

  • ronni

    i just ordered the iphone on on launch date, i rather wait another 3 weeks (it may be less) then stand in line for hours and get nothing, having to search everywhere.

  • een




  • Zilly

    I ordered mine yesterday. They told me to wait for a 'confirmation email' , which was sposed to have my grand total in it. ( i am paying through wire transfer sinse Gary wouldnt lend me his CC) Anyway, i received no email. Called back, and they had trouble finding my order. FINALLY after 35 mins on the phone, she put me on hold again, to wait to be told directly what my total was………….. then i went to put speaker phone on and pushed the wrong button and hung up. UGHHHH!!! I didnt bother calling back… lol ill do it tomorrow. Damnit

  • L537p

    K I think I figured it out ur either realy realy old or you payed fir an English undergrad right? I mean seriously. Grammar is not important online you ancient or friendless English major. Dude probably haz an engi degree like I do. We employ English majors to clean our pools them you come online and insult us to make you feel better. I agree with you dude where suckers. Down with sensorship and old people, religious and feble minded arts students.

  • MR

    As for that Rogers sign, I asked if there was a waiting list I could put my name on, and was told no.

  • een

    It's 1400 hours, Sunday.
    Am on the list with local Bell Store and they just called me.
    I want a 32GB but they asked if I was interested in a 16GB White iPhone.
    Said no but I'm 2nd in line for 32 so I'm feeling good about this week.


  • jeff

    white iphone 4??

  • een

    Followup post.
    Yeah. White iPhone 4.

    I mentioned that they weren't supposed to be out yet and even he acknowledged that was the case but, apparently, they are now.

    Just FYI.


  • Sevael

    You know, that really pisses me off. Not because you got one and I didn't, but because of the fact that I was there twice on Friday (once before opening and once later in the afternoon) and both times I spoke to several employees individually and they all gave the exact same story — they sold their last iPhone 4 Thursday afternoon and hadn't received any new ones since. I also have a small network of friends and co-workers who were alternating so that they were calling the Apple Store every half hour all day on Friday to see if new stock arrived (which it hadn't). Spoke to another fellow who went into the store later in the evening (around 8pm) and he got the same story and left empty handed.

    But after all that, somehow they *did* still have some iPhone 4's in stock (like the one you got) and boldly lied to us all day long? It's not like a shipment of “a few” arrived on Saturday morning before the store opened, and reports from others say they had no iPhones on Saturday. Somebody is lying, either you or the Apple Store employees. If it's them, that means they're picking and choosing who they sell to, which would be both unprofessional and unethical. If it's you who's lying, then it's just one guy on a message board and is just a minor annoyance.

    I guess you wouldn't be willing to provide a scan/photo of a receipt showing you purchased the iPhone 4 at the Polo Park Apple Store on Saturday (with all the personal details blacked out, of course), would you? I'm not so much interested in disproving you as I am in having something to stick in their face if they try to tell me tomorrow that they have none in stock. I'm tired of the lies and the run-around.

  • Jackomatic

    Sort of tired with the Apple shortages for iphone 4…. seems apple always has shortages (seem like a Steve Jobs trick for interest in his products?).
    I'm on a waiting list as well, and am starting to think of switching my choice to droid….

  • een


    Yeah, I know.
    I was surprised when he said it was a WHITE one.

    I asked him to confirm that info and he did.

    Soooo, it appears WHITE iP4s are making an appearance.

    Weird that it would happen in Cobourg, Ontario of all places.


  • Armado

    I hat you too…. lucky guy

  • David

    Back from touring the downtown Montreal… nothing. I'll head back tomorrow morning and report back if I get one. But seriously, though. If by tomorrow I don't find one, I'm sorry, apple, my money goes to Google. It's nice to hype your phone, but deliberately making people wait like that is a bad strategy, in my opinion.

  • een




  • Jhubs

    Well it is kind of true. Some phones do have the antenna issue. I mean it's not that big of an issue but it still is a problem that the phone shouldn't have. It's not even a death grip, sometimes it's just a finger.

  • HH

    Shipment arrived at Apple Store at SG in Edmonton on Fri afternoon. We were in and out with i4 in hand in a half hour- for hubby. I got mine launch day at SG as well- in and out in an hour and a half (got there at 1:30pm). It was either timing or luck, either way, love the i4.

  • een

    een: “droid?”
    *waves hand*
    een: That's not the phone you're looking for.
    Jackomatic: That's not the phone I'm looking for.
    een: You will line up at an Apple Store.
    Jackomatic: I will line up at an Apple Store.
    een: Move along.
    Jackomatic: Moving along.


  • Turtle

    The boxes are white. I'm pretty sure that they just think they have white ones because of that

  • iPhone4crazy

    Try 3rd party stores such as Future Shop, Best Buy, Wireless Wave, Cellular Point, Walmart, Canadian Tire, or even a local Phone Mart (just don't give the representative an Annie-your-izm, lol)

  • een


    I understand what you're saying but I pushed on the colour statement because he asked if I was interested in one that was “white instead.”

    I asked if he was sure it was a “white” iPhone because they weren't supposed to be available yet. Only the black ones.
    I suppose it could be a case of the CSR at the store not really knowing what he was talkiing about but I didn't get that impression. He seemed fairly knowledgable….although he didn't get my joke about wanting the iPhone 4 with the bigger “Gee Bees.” heh.


  • Bought a 16GB and a 32 GB unit at the Calgary Market Mall store on Wednesday afternoon (August 4). There was a long 3.5 hour line-up for people acquiring the subsidized phones via Rogers, Telus etc – there was a small (separate) line for those of us buying the units unlocked – only about 10 people and a 20 minute wait.

  • JamesMtl

    I agree, but might wait a bit longer. I did all the west-island stores in Montreal… Bestbuy, 2-3 weeks.. Futureshop, 1-2 weeks…. Costco, maybe next week… Apple, they have no idea… No one had a real idea hen they are getting stock, no waiting list, no call backs… It's getting really annoying and frustrating… And when you call them, every one seem annoyed on the that you are calling on the first place… But are we suppose to fo? We can't go to all stores every day and hope to get lucky!! We all have bush life!

    In my opinion the lauch wasn't done properly… Only enough stock for a few hours on the first! I love Apple products, own everything apple, and couldn't wait to get the Apple4… Did the lineup on day one, had to go, when to a Costco and my hands on one but they hadn't recede Fido som cards :(. But now I feel like I'll never get it! It's getting really frustrating!

    I'm due I'm not the only one on this boat!

    Just to say to whole situation is getting seriously ridiculous… Time yo write to Jobs and let him know our frustration

  • JamesMtl

    Sorry for all the typos… Typed it on my iPhone 3G… I just noticed when I re-read it

  • David

    It's kind of frustrating, I know. If it were legitimate issues, okay I'd understand. Maybe not enough iPhones were made, or there was a problem with the gorilla glasses, but what is ticking the bejesus out of me is that they have them, in a warehouse somewhere, and only shipping small quantities to keep the hype up. I like apple products, too, but I don't like to be played like a fool.

    I wonder what would happen if, let's say, Microsoft did the same thing for their X360's. At launch, they runned out of stock, but it was because they really did not have anymore, the Wii, too, the iPhone? I'm not convinced.

    The higher the hype train goes, the slower it is. I'm seriously considering jumping off.

    A good thing about this, though, is that people at general is getting sick of this game too. Who knows? Maybe next year the population will show Apple that they don't like getting barebacked and move to another phone instead of waiting ages for naught.

  • MR

    Canadian Tire is selling the iPhone 4??

  • I would absolutely agree with you if my 3G hadn't bricked the week before the iP4 launch. I'm now walking around with a Moto RAZR that thinks it's June 28th 2008, 10pm ALL. THE. TIME. Except for when the battery's dead. Which is every 3 hours or so.

    The whole situation is seriously pissing me off.

  • portacio

    Is there any news about pacific centre or oakridge centre?!

  • Sold out.

  • Ret

    does anyone think on Monday,TMW they will be available.thx

  • N A N C Y

    Apparently the Source in Exeter, Ontario has like six iPhones for those who want Bell.

  • Cshupe2

    can someone help me im trying to find sumone to try facetime with

  • Lagawatig

    Got the last one (I think) in Windsor today at the Devonshire mall virgin kiosk…. Hottie at the counter said the might get more next wed…

  • Xxunrealdudexx

    Luck helped me. I got up Friday, drove 3 hours to Toronto and stood in line at Yorkdale Mall for an hour and a half (5:30-7:00 PM [yes PM, lucky me]) I got bumped to the front of the incredibly slow line because I told them I'd buy it outright. Two minutes later I walk out with 2 iPhone 4's and a line of 200 people glaring at me =D.

  • Soups

    My friend at work got word that a rogers in the area he lives in (Friday 6th) would have a shipment @ 2:00pm.
    He drove down there before 2:00pm, he was waiting (5th) in line to ask about if any i4 came in. Before he Spock
    to a sales rep, a box of i4 came in the store. I call this LUCK!!!
    He is now a proud owner of 32G

  • L537p

    Did you actualy see the phone?

  • ShaunT

    I had the same luck at the Apple store at SG in Edmonton. Went on the Sunday of launch weekend at 11am after they opened. Talked to the first CS I saw and couldn't believe they still had some 16's left. There was no line and I was in and out in about 10 minutes. Couldn't believe how painless it was now that I read all this.

  • emc

    I stood in the line at Market Mall Wednesday, too, but the wait was closer to 5 hours for me. One of the staff said the carriers were having system problems and activations were taking a long time. I had a 2-year-old 3G that was really showing its age and I knew Rogers was going to sell out so I refused to give up. I called that morning, was told they had enough to maybe last the day and there was already a line, and I decided to take my chances. They got a shipment probably as I was on my way up there.

    The staff were great, though, I give them credit for that, they went through the line taking count of all the models and quantities everyone wanted and were constantly reassuring us that they had enough. They even handed out granola bars somewhere around hour 3. Once I finally got in the store, activation and paperwork was quick and I was out again in maybe 15 minutes.

  • BiochemBoss

    Just wondering…which droid do u plan on purchasing?

  • portacio

    is it worth it to line up this tuesday? and what time is the best time to go there ?

  • Don’t forget to check (I sold one there)

  • Don

    The only reason Canada got factory unlocked units is because there is no exclusivity in Canada, there are 5 carriers that sell the iPhone. AT&T is the exclusive carrier that can only sell the iPhone in the U.S. which is why there is no unlocked iPhones sold over there. This is US were talking about, if there was no exclusivity over there they would have them well before us.

  • Zarthia

    I was holding a Galaxy S with a co-worker of mine over lunch and it feels much cheaper then my iphone4. I’m not sure waiting 10 hours in line on opening day was 100% worth my time, but after holding the Galaxy S made me realize how much the Iphone 4 is a good quality product.

  • Zarthia

    I was holding a Galaxy S with a co-worker of mine over lunch and it feels much cheaper then my iphone4. I’m not sure waiting 10 hours in line on opening day was 100% worth my time, but after holding the Galaxy S made me realize how much the Iphone 4 is a good quality product.

  • TSi SPY 007

    Been to several Wireless Waves, T-Booths, Telus Stores, Bell Stores, FS's, BB's, etc. in the GVA and no iP4's for Bell contracts available… I was at the Bell kiosk in Richmond Centre and the girl told me that they had one 32Gb “for new activations only” and I asked why they wouldn't give it to someone (aka. me!) who's a return Bell customer in good standing wanting to sign another 3yr contract and she just shrugged and said it was store policy. Good strategy to hook-in a new Bell customer, but terrible message to potential return customers!

    The same Bell “store” in Richmond Centre (Vancouver) has two kiosks with different “hold” policies. One was taking names on a sheet of paper, and the other was taking $50 refundable deposits. The Bell in Parker Place (Richmond, BC) is also doing this. I ended up paying $100 to hold two 32Gb's thinking “wouldn't hurt”. Anywhere else have this kind of deposit to hold one?

    Most places are pretty rude and short when asked if they have any iP4's in stock… “NO!” and before I even finish asking if they are expecting a shipment on a certain day… “NO!”

  • nora

    heres the deal with the apple stores across the country
    they DO have iphone 4's in stock, but they're keeping them put aside as backups if people who've already purchased them need to come back because they have problems
    for example
    i'm from winnipeg and I waited in line for 5 hours on launch day to buy mine unlocked from the apple store
    i read the article on here about how some of the unlocked phones and checked my receipt and of course, mine is locked to rogers (after i paid 860 to not be tied down) so i called, and they put a 32 aside for me.
    while the man was doing the exchange, i overheard many people asking if they had any iphone4's left and i heard the ALL of the sales associates say no. I looked at my new iphone in the box, and i looked at the sales associate who was helping me. he explained to me that many people have been coming back exchanging them for the same reason i was exchanging mine, or for other hardware defects and they need to keep backup for exchanges, otherwise i'd be waiting for three and a half weeks to receive a new phone from apple.

  • erth

    i ordered a iphone 4 32g from bell and they sent me a 16g. now they are telling me i can't use the phone i sent and i have to send it back to them and wait 3 weeks until the 32g is in. also, i changed carriers from rogers, and they suggested i call them and reconnect my rogers phone until that point. i have complained and they are not budging. what do you people think i should do???

  • Sevael

    That's fine, but that doesn't explain Drew's case. He obviously wasn't replacing an iPhone 4 that he had already purchased at an earlier date. If the phone he got was meant for returns, they shouldn't be selling it to him in the first place. I was there first thing Friday and there was nobody else around and they insisted they had none to sell to me, so why would he get one and not me when our situations were the same and there was no additional stock between when I was there and he was there?

    Whether they sold him a unit reserved for returns only or they lied to me about having units available to sell, it doesn't really matter. Either way, I still have a beef with them.

  • Chrome262

    Not that I am a Rogers fan (went with Fido) but i did drop telus, and bell (for home phone) because of that very attitude. they just assume you will stay with them because they are bell and thats that. Really just want to sign you up and don't care what you want after the fact. No attempts at customer retention. Although with Fido i don't have the option of ordering through them, its first come first serve.

  • Hopefullyasoontobeiphoneowner

    Currently waiting outside apple store oakridge center. I got here just before 6:30 thinking that I would be plenty early. Guess again folks, theres about 80 people ahead of me. Heres to hoping that one of those phones has my name on it!

  • The small Bell store near my house (west Kitchener) is out, and as far as they know, there are no iPhones in Waterloo Region. I placed a deposit for one and am now on the waiting list. I'm told that one or two are coming in each day and are immediately snapped up.

    They also mentioned that the only two they received on launch day were both white, so I can confirm from this end that white iPhones are making an appearance. The Bell lady asked if I wanted to specify a colour, since some people were getting white iPhones ahead of people who had specified black. I said I was okay with either, as long as it was 32 GB.

  • Paul

    When did you purchase your 8GB iPhone 3GS, Calliope? Read Rogers eligibility criteria here: and please do not just settle for the crap that rogers reprentative tell you on the phone. Research this yourself and avoid rip-off!


  • Paul

    When did you purchase your 8GB iPhone 3GS, Calliope? Read Rogers eligibility criteria here: and please do not just settle for the crap that rogers reprentative tell you on the phone. Research this yourself and avoid rip-off!


  • Guest

    i looked around Halifax during my recent trip there and nothing, not that I'm looking as I am still waiting for to let me know the release date of the elusive WHITE IPHONE 4 so that I can chuck my Blackberry into the deep blue ocean!

  • een

    Called local Bell Store back.
    They were wrong about there being white iP4s available. ๐Ÿ™
    Turns out Turtle was correct.
    They made an error.
    Mind you, if you're on Bell and live in the Cobourg/Port Hope area they have 16GB units available. Don't know how many are spoken for but give them a call and see.


  • een

    Same here in Cobourg/Port Hope, jamesbow.


  • een

    People STILL lining up!
    Called Fairview and they said people started lining up at 0800 hours.
    Line was already at about 100 at around 0900.



  • een

    Gonna do something crazy tomorrow.
    Off at 0630 and, with the wife (yup, she's jonesing for an iP4 too), take the 60 minute drive west to Fairview and, hopefully, start the line. heh.
    Here's hoping the junk Steve Job's is pushing is available and pure. double..heh.


  • xbberry

    I also put $50 deposits on two 32gb phones for my brother and I through our Bell store. None of the other places I've talked to were even taking deposits, and they said I was guaranteed a phone (yeah right, guaranteed, what are they going to guarantee it!) within 3-4 weeks. Such a long time! But I figured putting a hundred bucks on my credit card as insurance for getting them couldn't hurt, and I can continue to look around!

  • mbebe

    Any idea about a certain shipping in Montreal today??

  • jdinner

    I stood inline at Sherway Gardens for 3 hours this morning to be told they will not be getting any phones today.

  • Ex

    Continue to stay.

  • Eren

    I called fido today, they said iPhone 4's are on back order across the country for at least 3 weeks

  • feduprogerscustomer

    i think as far as rogers goes, that its a bunch of bullS%%T, where i live they only have 2 within 100km of each direction, I called the store in cornwall, ontario, and brockville, ontario, had my buddy here to call back 5 mins later to see if he got same response.. and here is our responses, when i called cornwall, im told 3 weeks, he calls cornwall, gets same sales person, and is told one week, I call back again, get a female sales rep at the store, and im told that they are recieving a new shipment today, but stock is being held for employees, and family of the employees… so we call brockville, and we are told, 3 weeks, I call back 15 mins later , Im told probably by the end of the week …. lmfao… so ive come to this conclusion… i think the sales reps at the store, have no god damn clue and are just making up what they feel like saying the moment they answer the phone. calling rogers today to cancel services, this is bull, i mean i know they dont have any, but come on, the right answer would be, we dont know when we are getting some, instead of telling, each individual person something different, and to be fair, we blocked our number each and every time we called … good bye ROBBERS

  • notyetaniphone4owner:(

    They informed the entire lineup that they will absolutely NOT be getting any iphones at either the oakridge store where I'm at OR the one in pacific center. I would stay if they said they might, but today they were firm in saying that they will not be getting any phones ALL DAY. Sadly, I will probably be back tomorrow morning even earlier at 4:30 or 5:00am.

    If anyone wants to join me in line, look out for a guy in a purple hoodie at the oakridge center location. Cheers

  • NoIphone4me

    funny…ROBBERS!! You should post this on rogers redboard. Would love to see the moderators response to this BS.

  • Nando83p

    any news of iphone 4 stock in Toronto? someone? please?

  • lookingforiphone4

    i tried calling around but nothing so far.. i found 1 place that had them with virgin..unfortunately i need 1 for rogers

  • David

    The X10 seems okay. Or maybe I'll switch over to telus and buy some HTC.

  • Vincent

    funny, they are selling some here in Montreal ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess they received them this morning!

  • Vincent

    Fido just received some…I passed by 2 Fido place and they have them

  • Holger

    Any News of iPhones 4 Stock for Fido in the Vancouver / Burnaby area?

  • een


    I was going to say the same thing.
    Stay in line.

    I've heard that supplies can change at a moments notice.

    Take that as you will.


  • feduprogerscustomer

    so.. i called rogers, told em how fed up i was with there customer service, and there lack of online ordering even tho bell, and telus are taking online orders (or atleast did) , and about the difference in responses from two stores, was sent to retentions, and was offered, a sony xperia x10, for both my lines, for 99 each, to renew my contract… LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. thank you so much rogers ๐Ÿ™‚ now if it was an xperia x10 for 99 with no contract renewal then id think it was deal.. ive already ordered a iphone 4 with bell,.. you can take ur xperia phone and shove it ROBBERS

  • lookingfor1phone4

    Like most of you I've been waiting to get my hands on the iphone 4. I'm with Rogers and personally hate the company but at the end of the day they have a pretty good network and unlike Bell their employees doesn't hang up on you.
    I also think this is just crazy as I can't get my hands on 1 iphone 4 in the Toronto area with Rogers nor can anyone tell me when they expect to get any. Seriously..what's the big secret? it's already launched and everyone is using it far no negative responses to the actual phone so what's the hold up?
    The only reason they are doing this is because they know that we will purchase this phone no matter what nor how long we wait. It's like an addiction everyone have to have it (tech crack) it's some kind of necessity..these companys knew what kind of demand they will be dealing seeing people pre-registered and started waiting lists long before it launched…so what's the prob?
    As for me..I'll just wait untill I can get this phone without spending hrs calling/visiting stores etc…that's if I still want it.

  • Omar

    Typical Bell, I had a Blackberry through them, my sim apparently was defective so they told me to just wait it out a week so they could send me another one in the mail, as opposed to me taking a 10 minute trip to the store….they figured since it was a work number I could use my personal cell in the meantime, then they hung up on me.

    I would switch back to Rogers, I would definitely call them the lesser of 3 evils. Bell literally told me once to cancel and they they could care less. I told Rogers once I wanted to cancel a month to month line, they gave me a 50% discount on the plan and a free Blackberry curve on only a 1 yr term. And thats not me begging them for a better deal…they offered me the phone through the handset replacement program and the plan was simple retentions

  • Michael

    Just returned from Buffalo – iPhone available there with no issues…

  • Ex

    Just stay. Dedication can be rewarded.

  • Calliope

    Stock is apparently so low, I can't even get my 8GB 3GS. Even THOSE are hard to find. (Rogers won't let me upgrade to the 4 and I can't pay full price. It's just too much money ๐Ÿ™ )

  • lester

    Any news for The Ottawa region?

  • remo

    Seriously? I was there at 9:45 am. I probably saw you. I was the disappointed bearded, Filipino guy limping about the store. Beat me to it.

  • Ogunquitbartender

    my wife looked all over Toronto today for a telus iphone4 .. nothing.
    Anyone know of any around ?

  • xbberry

    The Source at Masonville Mall in London had ONE 16gb (black I assume) on Virgin about an hour ago. They had had it for a while.

  • Mike

    I went to Fairview Mall just outside Toronto at 6am this morning. I was the 4th in line. By 9am the line grew to 100 people. Thankfully they received a shipment. They got in 60 (57 of the 32 GB and only 3 of the 16GB)…The best bet is to line up at an Apple store early and hope they receive a iphone shipment. Luck was on my side today!

  • mbebe

    thanks man.. gonna try my luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Paul

    I went to a local Rogers store here in Ottawa today and the representative there was branding incoming calls as “Thanks for calling Rogers store we do not have iPhone 4, how can I help you?” Incredibly insane wait!

  • mbebe

    Hey, can you tell where you found some??
    Just called 3 kiosks Fido and none reeived any!!
    Futureshop, Bestbuys of course don't have'em

  • een

    Hey Mike,
    Headed there tomorrow with my wife.

    What time did the shipment come in?



  • een

    I hope so. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Bawb

    I got lucky on mine. I took a little bit of time off work on release day to drive around (futureshop and 3 rogers stores in town) to get one. I wanted a rogers one due to the 6gb data plan offer, in addition to being with them already (even though I was on pay as you go). Futureshop sold out, all of the rogers stores (except one) sold out. The last store had 3 left but their systems were down for existing rogers customers. After a billion calls to them throughout the day, they ended up selling them out after my 10th call or so. Later that day I called literally every futureshop and rogers store within a 200km radius of my location, and all sold out except for one bell phone…and out of due principle I did not bother, as bell sucks big time.

    On Sunday morning, out of curiosity I called telus to see if they had started offering the 6gb bonus data plan…and apparently Telus started offering the same deal on that day (2 days after release)! My local telus store had one 16gb phone left and I got there 5 minutes after my call and scooped it.

  • xbberry

    Cellular centre in London, ON has 1 32gb and 1 16gb (black) iPhone 4 on Bell. One was supposed to be mine…family situation changed within the last 20 minutes. Happy pickings.

  • Mike

    It came around 10:30…They're definitely getting a shipment but whether there will be Iphones part of that shipment remains to be seen. Good luck!

  • een

    Thanks, Mike.

    I'll let you know tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Vincent

    it was downtown near McGill station

  • NoIphone4me

    Reports from varoius blogs online that people around the world that were a part of the original release and have had their I4's replaced due to varoius reasons are noticing that their replacements have a less shiny, almost matte, finish to the antenna then the original. They also report that “antennagate” has for the most part dissappeared. Is this silent recall by Apple the cause of stock levels or internet myth?? Would be very happy if it was the former.

  • Eren

    lmao wow fido is gay.

  • Hondarob07

    Just got my iPhone 4- 16gig from bell store in Milton, I put down a $50 deposit 3 days ago and was put on a waiting list. I got the call this morning that it was ready for pickup! SOOOO SWEET!
    Good luck on your mission to hunt down the ip4 ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Terry

    If you are buying from the Apple Store in Pacific Centre, my advice would be to go there at around lunch time as most people leave the line because the iPhone 4 will be “out of” stock according to Apple. At around 4:30 – 5:00pm, they will start selling iPhones again but limited amount. That happened 4 times in a row when I went to the Apple Store in Pacific Centre, as when I bought the iPhone, they told every customer that they only had the 16GB available and were out of 32GB. So I told them I wanted the 16GB, but when it gets to me to buy the iPhone 4, they accidentally sold me the 32GB iPhone 4 without noticing. So my conclusion is they have iPhone 4 in Stock all time at the Apple Store, but they only sell a limited amount and wants the hype of the line-ups for advertisment.

    Still an Apple fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hopefullyasoontobeiphoneowner

    Alright guys, back at oakridge center at 5:30am today. I am 75'th in line with around 120+phones being bought before me. There are around 30 people lined up after me at this time (6:23). Lots of commotion going on, we'll see what happens.

  • jdinner

    Two days in a row I have been waiting in line at the Sherway Gardens Apple store. No phone deliveries.

  • Hopefullyasoontobeiphoneowner

    Still sitting in line, I don't like the sounds of that!

  • iloveapple

    I called them and they told me there were none at oakridge.

    is this true?

  • Needani4

    Any in the Hamilton area?!

  • Steve

    They’re no deliberately making people wait. Apple has to deal with a supply chain like any business. There isn’t some magical and unlimited supply of phone parts that apple has at the ready for the millions of users demanding an iphone on opening day. They have to build these things from parts supplied from many other businesses.

  • Calliope

    A week ago. I checked twice (store and over the phone) and I don't qualify for the 4 unless I want to get the unlocked one from Apple. ๐Ÿ™ So I got this one instead. Rogers is out of the 8GB 3GS right now but when they're restocked I have one on order.

  • Danbmore

    hey, someone knows about the orders on apple ca website, is it really going to take 3 weeks to send the iphone ??
    I ordered mine on July 30, but want it know!!!

  • Mickyluck

    hi guys, just picked up an iphone 4 at the Rogers store rideau center in Ottawa there are some both 16 and 32GB

  • The Fido Store on Ste-Catherine (Montreal) had iPhone4 yesterday. THey soldout around noon.

  • Jimmy

    Does anyone know if there are any iphone 4's in the kitchener waterloo area?

  • Jim jim

    Does anyone know if there are any ip4's available in the kitchener/waterloo area?

  • een

    Got to Fairview at 0745, 25th in line.
    At 1000 they said “no iPhones” and there won't be any.
    Only about a third of the people believed them.
    Hung around to 1130 then said, “f*ck it” and left.
    Ordered two off the Apple website.
    Yeah. Won't get them until Labour day but I'll be damned if I let Jobs show the hype up my ass.
    Once is enough, Steve.
    Fool me once….blah, blah, blah.



  • WheresMyiPhone4at?

    I called and they said they were sold out too.

  • Any body know when they gona have iphone4 in Vancouver or surrey

  • Any body know when iPhone 4 I can get because I'm tierd to phoning around for Roger I'm in Vancouver b.c

  • CLouD9ร‚ยฎ

    Bell is nice cause all you have to do is put $50 deposit down and you get the phone within 7 days or so

  • Marcula

    Then explain why American stores are full of IPhones 4 (I know, i checked myself during my vacation) and we can’t get any in Canada?

  • Marcula

    Then explain why American stores are full of IPhones 4 (I know, i checked myself during my vacation) and we can’t get any in Canada?

  • xbberry

    7 days? Yea right. When I put a deposit on mine at Bell, they said it would be 3-4 weeks because I'm on the list for the second restock, not the first. I don't really get that though, they're not getting 50-60 per day like Apple stores, they're only getting 10 or less.

  • Murvin

    Iphone 4's have arrived in Ottawa today at all Rogers locations. I know several people that have picked one up this morning. Not sure if there will be any stock by the end of the day. Most stores only got 10 units.

  • een

    Hey all,
    Had a nice surprise this afternoon after the crushing disappointment that was Fairview yesterday morning.

    Local Bell store (Cobourg, Ontario) called and my 32GB iP4 was in. WOOT!

    Picked it up right away and I have to say….
    LOVING IT!!!!

    Unfortunately Bell won't budge on my wife's HUP so it's an unlocked for her. Which will be mine, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep hunting people, Bell people.
    The iP4 is out there.
    There just trickling in right now which kinda sucks but things will change soon.


  • Gost

    Unacceptable – poor marketing all round

  • is3al

    Best Buy Mobile at Eaton Centre (i think) had one last evening.

  • jakeupnorth

    I was in at my local Rogers outlet today. They told me that Apple had allocated only 20 iPhone 4’s for Northern British Columbia (Prince George and everything North from there; an area with a population of about 350,000). The iPhone “shortage” is, without doubt, a marketing scheme.

  • London iPhone 4

    London Ontario – Finally got an iPhone 4. Called about 10 stores on Friday Aug 12 at 3 PM – 2 stores had one each. One tied to Telus, and the other might have been Rogers. 16gb versions. They had commented that they are getting a few units each week but they sell out fast.

    I ended up at Costco and they had a 32 gb version which I grabbed – it was their last one. While the paperwork was being done, 2 other people tried to buy it…

    Good luck

  • Kolt

    Hahahaha I feel bad for all you people. I was the first one in Toronto Ont. to get my iPhone 4 hahaha… It really is amazing =D

    At first people laughed and said that I was an idoit who waited 19 hours for a phone, but on the other hand you people have been waiting 2-3 weeks for an iPhone 4 with no end in sight…

    Look who the idiots are now =P

  • Zarthia

    Still you i’m afraid… I only waisted 10 hours in line and got one the day it came out anyway.

  • HH

    Agree with Zarthia…………. Kolt- don’t RUB it in people’s faces that you go the phone then call them idiots! Geesh! Besides, waiting in line for 19 hours is pretty silly. Yes, it’s a very cool phone- especially when you only had to wait an hour and a half on launch day like I DID (and I only started lining up at 1:30pm). Who’s laughing now? :p

  • HeavyMetalLew

    i have been calling fido kiosks and retailers since the 15th (the date i was finally eligable for an upgrade) and still no luck. they are completely sold out coast to coast was what one representative told me today. and he picked up the phone with “mobileit fido retailer, we dont have any iphone 4’s, how may i help you?” i thanked him for answering my question before i had asked it and he said that they would probably be getting a shipment in on friday. Im gonna call back and see if he can put me on a waiting list or something this is rediculous. and the fact that they are sending only a couple dozen at a time to rogers/fido stores when apple stores recieve 40-50 a day is fucked. especially the fact that they are sending more 32gb than 16’s. a complete and utter marketing ploy. i am really pissed but cant wait to get the iphone 4. whenever that may be…

  • JJ

    Just walked by the Fairview apple store and saw a line up of ~100 people. Still? More than 2 weeks after launch??? This is ridiculous!

  • Scottdennie

    I think it is absolutely sickening that they did not have the supply of new iPhones to match the demand in Canada!!!! I signed up for the update for existing iPhones buyers on the Rogers web page and was suppose to get an email informing me of the launch date in Canada— nothing. Then I get in line at the Cobourg Rogers store and too my surprise they only had 10 iPhones and I was 17th in line!!!! They don’t allow pre- ordering lol!! And have not got a clue on next shipment date!! Pretty damn sad for sure! I would at least of expected that existing owners would of been given pre-order options!!

  • Terry

    I think I’m just better off keep my dying 3G and upgrade when the iphone 5 come out

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  • waleed

    Futureshop young and dundas had it one yesterday but still call in before you go. goodluck

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