iPhone 4S Sales In Retail Stores Blocked By Apple In China


The highly anticipated launch of iPhone 4S in China turned into a total chaos today after violence broke out around Apple retail stores. Customers and scalpers looking to sell the latest iPhone in the black market by employing migrant workers to fill the line and bypass Apple’s limit on how many handsets each person could buy, had all queued outside Beijing’s flagship Apple store but grew restless after it failed to open at scheduled time in the morning. As a result, Apple has announced to stop selling the iPhone 4S in its retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai, reports Reuters.

Apple spokesperson Carolyn Wu issued the following statement:

“We were unable to open our store at Sanlitun due to the large crowd, and to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, iPhone will not be available in our retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai for the time being.”

However, customers can still order the iPhone 4S on the online Apple store or one of the many China Unicom retail outlets, the country’s exclusive iPhone carrier.


  • 1His_Nibs1

    Just another example of how the culture in China is unscrupulous, greatly lacks morals & will do anything to make a buck. 

  • It’s sad but true. The ‘rotten eggs’ ruin it for the ones that are actually normal.

  • Turin

    Yup.  China is a country filled with ‘rotten eggs’.

  • Referring to the eggs thrown at the Apple store of course. 😉

  • Tomm

    And the wes…Canada and USA allows companies to produce our stuff there…because its cheap, meanwhile our labour force becomes less and less skilled….make our products in North america.