iPhone 5S Production Said to Have Already Started at Foxconn [Rumour]


According to MacOtakara, (via AppleInsider), production of the iPhone 5S is already underway at Foxconn. As the design will essentially be the same as the iPhone 5, production lines won’t have any issue ramping up supply (Google Translation):

According to the informed sources who can trust it, Foxconn is talking with it seeming that I started a part of production of iPhone 5S at the plant.

It seems that most production-process alterations cannot be found so that it may be produced with the same line as iPhone 5.

Earlier today, it was reported the iPhone 5S would possibly launch in August, with an improved processor and camera upgrade, on par for a typical “S” upgrade from Apple.

iPhone 5S is rumoured to sport a fingerprint sensor underneath the Home button and a new ‘smart flash’ utilizing white and yellow LCDs for better pictures. The same reports speculate a lower cost iPhone could also launch alongside the iPhone 5S this summer.


  • winnertakesteve

    Seeing as I’m waay back on the 4s and not really wishing for more power, I’d be more impressed if they translated all the processing efficiency improvements into longer battery life. Most of the tasks I use a mobile phone for are already pretty snappy, and I’m not really going to replace it just for benchmark bragging rights. Of course my cynical side predicts faster hardware will invite bloated, inefficient software revisions. So you end up buying a new phone not to get anything new, but just to be able to keep running the same stuff you used to.

  • Mark

    “Of course my cynical side predicts faster hardware will invite bloated, inefficient software revisions.”

    I’m not sure what has happened in the past that would cause you to consider that? It sounds like you are confusing the iPhone apps with a handful of Windows software.

    MOST people buy a new phone for the same reason they would a new computer. New want/must-have features and a faster processor to handle more feature-rich software (which is driven by customer demand).

  • K3

    Had to watch the keynote again over the last weekend..there were so many ooohh and ahh’s.. (with a side of wows) when the the iPhone first lifted it’s skirt to the world.

    Thought the 2013 production had been rumored to have started beginning of December last year and that a new plant was underway housing iRobot type assembly lines?

  • ifag4ever

    Sure Mark…you shall get one more row of icons..enjoy

  • Mark

    You’re saying a larger iPhone screen = bloated, inefficient software revisions?

    Perhaps being overly dramatic and throwing around a random collection of negative terms to make a point that you don’t even comprehend, is not an efficient use of your time.

  • winnertakesteve

    pardon the super belated reply, but i’m not sure who you’re going after here. i don’t feel like my comment justified any personal attacks.

    i’ve experienced all sorts of scenarios on all platforms where the developer targets the latest hardware and makes their software lock out or run increasingly poorly on the hardware it previously supported just fine.

    over the course of my iphone 3g’s life, everything got slower and slower with each new software revision. and it wasn’t the “new” stuff bogging it down, as apple disabled things like multitasking and even wallpapers from running on the device for just that reason. but even the stuff it did just fine before, like keyboard responsiveness, loading the settings app, etc, all got laggier and laggier depsite no functional changes.

    now the 3g is an extreme case, having essentially the same guts as the original iPhone which was initially meant to be a web-app platform. but i’m still leery. ios7 introduces a lot of realtime gloss which i’m betting will introduce some stutter in the 4s, with no functional benefit beyond the gee-whiz factor that 5/5s hardware can chew through it. see windows vista for how long glossy fads last…

    all i’m saying is i wouldn’t mind a hardware revision like intel’s haswell: rather than just more power that ends up servicing superfluous eye-candy (i hear ios8 will have raytraced global illumination on your icons!), go for efficiency and battery life, which you’d think would be the #1 demand for a mobile device anyway!