New iPhone 6 Concept With Curved Screen, Round Edges [PICS]


You may recall the rumour that surfaced yesterday with some help from Japanese site Mac Otakara claiming the iPhone 6 would feature a curved-glass display and would drop the dual-glass-covered antennae design, and go with a full aluminum back shell instead.

Iphone 6 renderings 5

We have pointed to the aluminum case mentioned in the report to get a visual idea of a possible design direction, but Martin Hajek ,the designer behind multiple iDevice renderings, has visualized the next-generation iPhone based on the leaked information.

The renderings show an iPhone 6 with rounded corners, display glass that wraps around the front of the device. Also, based on previous rumours, the Power button has been placed on the upper-right of the handset.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 sometime this fall, and the rumour mill says the handset will be available in two sizes: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. There were also rumours about Apple hiking the price of the next-generation device by $100.

Iphone 6 renderings 1

Iphone 6 renderings 2

Iphone 6 renderings 3

Iphone 6 renderings 4


  • tHoj101

    Nearly identical to what I imagine Apple will unveil in the fall. Great job, man!

  • Harald Glatt

    I don’t think this looks like Ive

  • IB6UB9

    You’d be touching screen every time you grasped your phone. Fail!