[Sticky] First iPhone 6s Line Ups Have Started in Canada [PIC]


It’s that time of the year again, folks. The iPhone line ups have already started in Canada, as eager Apple customers wait for the company’s new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to launch tomorrow.

The following image was sent to us by iPhone in Canada reader Ram, who has started the first line up outside Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. The image was emailed just before 6AM local time. He tells us there are already 9 people in line as of 12:12PM EDT.

Yorkdale mall iphone line up

If you’re going to wait in line for the iPhone 6s (we previously waited in line over 27 hours for the iPhone 4 and it was a grind), here are some quick tips:

  • Bring a comfortable chair, preferably one that will allow you to stretch out your legs (trust me it’ll help)
  • Bring light snacks, water, a portable battery charger, warm jacket
  • Introduce yourself to your fellow neighbours in line, so they can ‘watch’ your spot when you need to get food or go to the bathroom. It’s also helpful to prevent line jumpers at the last minute.
  • Don’t overpack as you’ll have to carry your stuff with you into the mall later

Apple Stores across Canada will open tomorrow at 8AM local time. As for stock, Apple previously stated “Most Apple stores will also have iPhone available for walk-in customers each day.”

Don’t want to wait in line? Your best bet is to take advantage of Reserve and Pick Up on Apple’s website, which resumes on Saturday, September 26 at 8AM local time.

If you’re waiting in line right now at an Apple Store, or plan to, let us know in the comments below. You can send pictures to tips @ (without the spaces) and also send us updates to share via Twitter @iPhoneinCanada (we’ll retweet when necessary).


  • Accordtr

    Have fun with that! I’ll walking in after work at 5pm and pick up my phone, in and out just like last year. THANK YOU apple for having online reservations

  • Danny Cheung

    I don’t understand why people didn’t just reserve for pick up and choose to line up instead. Reserve now… and you have 2 weeks to decide if you want to get it or not. i do the same for things I want to buy.. buy now worry later 🙂

  • Tim

    I clicked on the article to say the exact same thing.

  • Tek

    I’m doing exactly the same as you guys/gals mentioned. Will be at my local store for 8am, pick up my device and away I go…. love the reserve-in store and pick up system!!

  • FragilityG4

    One guy in line at Apple Markville … They gave him a chair to sit on!

  • xxxJDxxx

    Agreed. I don’t understand why people are still waiting in line.

  • Mozbius

    I reserved my last iPhone 6 for 2:15pm last time (during a work break!) I came in and came out in 15 minutes (including purchasing a leather case) while people who were in line since the morning were still there when I left with my new phone.

    I really don’t see how I could justify doing the lineup for an iPhone.

  • T33BS

    Looks like these are iPhone patrons who knew well ahead of time that their UPS shipments weren’t going to arrive on time. Who’s the fool now!?

    (My Shipping has been pushed back to Monday!!! ARGGHH, I sold my 6+ yesterday)

  • Lol that’s the one benefit of waiting in line–no waiting if there’s a delay. What’s your backup device? A blackberry?

  • Where r u? I’m in Montreal… Mine (according to UPS) is sitting in a warehouse in Montreal sub…. Not yet on the delivery truck…

  • Billy

    Extremely pissed here. I pre-ordered the 64Gb rose old to be picked up at eaton centre at 9:30. Got the email confirmation three nights ago that it’s reserved in rose gold. Came in ten minutes early and was told that my rose gold was sold out. Wtf??? I walked out empty handed because they bumped me to a gold and I was set on the rose gold. I showed them my email confirmation and everything and the guy just said sorry.

    Not impressed. At. All.

  • Dave

    I was at the dix trente around 7:45, maybe 50 people in line, had a reservation for 8:00 was in at 8:00 gone at 8:03

  • Jessica

    The line up is hardcore. I’m an Apple nut but I can’t do the line up, lol. Reserve and pick up for me after work today! I usually avoid the stores on first day but the reservation makes it so much better! Going from a 5 to the 6s. Incredibly excited. Just need to make it through the work Enjoy your phones!!

  • Big jump! Good luck with the pick up.

  • Jessica

    That’s awful and kinda strange! My store told me that the phones are locked to our Apple ID’s so they cannot be sold until after you don’t show up in your pick up window. Hope you find a rose gold!

  • Jessica

    Thanks! I suspect the speed will blow me away!

  • Parksy


  • Billy

    Thanks! I thought so too. It was strange – not sure if the sales person who helped me was just inexperienced. But oh well, I’ll get that phone eventually. 🙂 Enjoy your phone!

  • John

    Hi Billy. Your iphone is set aside if you have a reservation. The time window to pick it up is 30 minutes before choosen time or up to 1 hour past. I would have double checked with someone else or a manger.

  • Joxer The Mighty

    Mine was delivered at 10:47am. I’m going from a 4s that I’ve had since new and is in perfect shape, I just wanted the new features and a bigger screen for my old man eyes.

  • AEdouard

    The lines are tiny compared to last year. Went in with a reservation at 10. Was out a few minutes later. Fast and efficient.

  • Gordon Schilde

    Talking to a chick at Mapleview Applestore on the phone, she told me there were NO phones for pickup, RESERVATION ONLY and to not bother lining up, Apple had new policy in effect and lineups were no longer needed as there wouldn’t be stock for anyone who didn’t have a reservation and i would be turned away empty handed. What a nice surprise to discover she LIED. Now i have NO phone, Rogers is back ordered, and i’m waiting like a yahoo.

  • AEdouard

    Well, maybe that particular apple store didn’t have any stock for walk-in customers. The Apple store I went to had iPhones for people who waited in line without a reservation (preordered mine). Also, you could have pre ordered you know. Phones were still available for a good while (like, a few days) after the pre-orders began.

  • AEdouard

    Huge jump from the 4s to the 6s. You’ll enjoy the performance and added real estate for sure.

  • That is frustrating. Online Reserve and Pick Up starts Saturday morning at 8AM local time, so try that right off the bat and see what’s available.

  • T33BS

    You nailed it, I have one of those old things tucked away. Pretty sure I won’t get Internet/mail but it’ll take phone calls/texts; good enough for a weekend.

  • T33BS

    I’m on Vancouver Island pretty much in-between Nanaimo/Victoria. Any luck today for your iPhone in Montreal? I’ve given up hope until Monday, I’ve been duped like this before and it might not even show up Monday.

  • T33BS

    On the plus side of things, I see 6+ 128GB models going for much less than what I sold mine for. Timed the market perfectly 🙂

  • When i called, they told me finally Monday… because of Customs…. but the website kept saying friday… 4:30pm, left the office and was hoping for Monday… 10 min later got a call from the Office… a package was there for me 🙂 So there’s hope 🙂

  • DaveMcG

    Day 1 in store pickup was available for both Edmonton stores for a few different models right up until Wednesday.

  • jay

    In Montreal was only 20 people in line and the same one than the last years and honestly was super fun like always. End up with a 6s plus and is really fun to use.

  • Reza Andrew Kharrazi

    At 8:00am sharp today trying to reserve one for store pickup since my delivery is October 7-14 and pretty much all the stores in Toronto show the space gray 128gb 6s plus.
    By the time I’m typing my Apple ID all the inventory is gone !!!

    And I must add I have super fast fingers. ????

  • That’s nuts, you have to be faster next time 😉

  • Joxer The Mighty

    You are so right – I really love this thing! The speed, features, screen, camera, it’s like night and day. Still coming to grips, so to speak, with handling a substantially large phone but I’m sure I’ll adjust.

  • Reza Andrew Kharrazi

    Picked up a Gold 6s plus 128GB on Saturday at Square One in Mississauga on reserve and this afternoon picked up a Space Gray 6s plus 128GB at Fairview Mall here in Toronto on reserve as well.

    I guess late morning today Apple stores received new shipments.