‘iPhone 6s’ Possible Release Date and Alleged Schematics Leaked


Engadget Japan may have confirmation of earlier rumours of a slightly thicker iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The blog claims it has obtained schematics of the next-generation iPhone, which suggest a thickness of 7.1 mm for the 4.7-inch model.


That’s a 0.2 mm increase from the 6.9 mm thickness of the iPhone 6, but matches that of the iPhone 6 Plus, which is 7.1 mm thick. The slight increase could be the result of Apple adding the rumoured Force Touch technology: Introduced with the Apple Watch, pressure sensors are able to discern a light tap from a stronger press and prompt the user for different actions.

The leaked schematics confirm earlier rumours: The Home button stays, and all other buttons remain unchanged. As we previously reported, the 0.2 mm increase in thickness will be unnoticeable, and you can recycle your iPhone 6 case for the next-generation model.

Now, as the iPhone 6s models have entered mass production, the rumour mill has started talking about the possible release date as well. MICGadget claims the device will hit the shelves on September 18, 2015. While this could be a likely date for Apple to launch the device, the claimed September 11 Apple event is unlikely, for two reasons: first, the anniversary of the unfortunate 9/11 events, and secondly, because it’s Friday and Apple keynotes usually take place earlier in the week.


  • Wall Man

    I’ve been tracking the announcements and release dates, and going by the 5s and 6 launches, the announcement date should be Sept 8, 2015 and release date Sept 18, 2015.

  • FragilityG4

    I wonder if force touch will eventually be the elimination of the physical home button on future devices …

  • Wall Man

    I think the other patent about having the entire touch screen act as the touchID would be the final blow to the physical home button.

    The force touch will be an interesting feature, but I am more concerned with how much battery drain will occur with this new feature. If I could turn it off, that would be great. Imagine the phone in your pocket and you feel the vibration feedback from various touches to the screen. In fact what if it is in a bag and the same thing. You won’t even know about the various touch feedback in a bag, but the drain will be ever present.

  • Tim

    They can easily disable the feature when the phone is locked. Of all the potential ramifications this isn’t one.