iPhone 6s Logic Board Images Reveal Updated NFC Chip, 16 GB Flash and More


Another series of images (now) showing the alleged logic board of the forthcoming iPhone 6s reveal additional information about the internal tweaks we may expect when it launches this fall. Some of the notable changes are: a noticeable reduction in the number of chips present, an updated NFC chip, a 16 GB base model and a slightly thicker design (via 9to5Mac).


As you can see from the image above, the iPhone 6s features a new NFC chip, labelled 66VP2, which compares to the NXP-made 65V10 NFC chip found inside the current models. At this moment, the changes brought by this particular chip are still unknown.

What’s more interesting is that Apple has reduced the number of chips it is using for this model. For example, one section of the logic board, which previously had more than 10 components, now sports only three main chips. Also, other components such as the flash memory and CPU appear to have benefited from smaller manufacturing processes, enabling the device to provide the same functionality, with smaller and less power-hungry parts, writes Gurman.


It looks as though Apple won’t increase the storage capacity of the base model, because the logic board prototype analysed by both 9to5Mac and Chipworks sports 16 GB of Toshiba NAND flash built using a 19 nm process.

You may recall that earlier leaks suggested that the 6s model would be similar to the current model, but – as MacOtakara reported – it may be slightly thicker. The case design drawings obtained by 9to5Mac suggest that the iPhone 6s will be 0.13 mm thicker than the iPhone 6. That won’t be a visible change, and, by the way, you can also recycle your iPhone 6 case for the forthcoming model.


  • Andy

    For f’s sake. 16GB?

  • MrXax

    Here’s hoping the additional thickness is for a larger battery and optical image stabilization.

  • Andy

    The extra thickness is for the implementation of Force Touch. We’re talking about millimeters, and with this, a guarantee that Apple will NOT mention anything about size next time around.

  • hub2

    If it really starts at 16 GB I will seriously tell Apple to screw themselves. I’ve already skipped the planned iPhone 6 upgrade over crappy base memory and the forced upsell to the 6 Plus in order to get optical image stabilization for the camera.

    If they use streaming Apple Music as an excuse for us not needing as much storage anymore, they can cram it up their a… My music library is minuscule compared to my app collection and camera/video roll.

  • Riddlemethis

    other sites report the [new] lte chip is in fact over 2 years old. sadly, apple, in many areas is resorting to “old” technology. of course, one may argue they want to use something that is tried and true. while this may seem reasonable, it is not reasonable when the device itself is very expensive.

    the 16 GB should be replaced with a 32 GB version. however, apple historically tends to be really stingy in terms of ram. look how long it took them to ditch the 8 GB iphone? if you want more ram, you pay a lot more for it. it’s a concept the vast majority of iphone customers are perfectly fine with.

  • Riddlemethis

    16 GB WILL be the base model, make no mistake. they want to capture the granny and grandpa, walmart and those on fixed income crowd with their 16 GB models.

  • OliChabot

    16GB base model, really Apple ? Hope it’s not true, i’ll be mad AF. Just shot a 2min. slow-mo video with my iPhone 6, took 550mb ! With the rumors talking about a 12mp camera and 4K video shooting, if they come up with a 16GB i’ll be able to shot 30sec. video before that fills up !

    We’re in 2015.

  • Wall Man

    This is so sad, but not unexpected. It is all about the margins. It cost less to put in 16 GB vs moving up to 32 GB. It is all about keeping the cost down and keeping the base price ‘low’ as possible and making the high margin.

    I’m trying to decide if I am going to stay with the iPhone or switch. I’ll have to spend the summer looking at all the info and rumors and possibly decide upon the Sept announcement.

  • Andy

    And furthermore, a more technical user will be more inclined to purchase a 64GB model vs. a 16G, adding to those margins. If the base model was 32GB, there’s a lot less likely chance a 64GB will be purchased.

  • hub2

    If Gran needs a larger screen iPhone when the 6S comes out, then they can get along just fine on the older iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And Walmart and fixed income crowds can get by with 1 and 2-generation old iPhones like they do now to save up front costs.

    Apple holding back progress for the sake of the elderly and low-income is illogical; the latter especially, like the corporate market, have never been and should never be their primary focus, just a fortunate bonus.

  • Zeke

    I know why the 16GB is hanging around. Me! Ok that sounds totally narcissistic. My bad. But here it is: I don’t use the camera. I have one picture which is my wallpaper. 4k what? I stream everything. 16 is more then enough. I’d be pissed off if Apple forced me to buy 64 or 120GB when I can barely use up 16 now. Oh man I can’t wait for the iPhone 6s and, fingers crossed, iPad mini 4. I’m getting both.

  • Anthony

    You do realize 16GB isn’t the only option right?

  • hub2

    You do realize 16GB for an entry level phone in 2015 is ridiculous, right? Especially when said “entry level” is $840 CAD unlocked?

  • mackman6151

    Samsung does the same thing. Seems to be industry standard. If that’s the case and the 2 biggest players do that, how is it ridiculous? You gotta pay to play. Pony up the $100 and get the 64gb (whereas other phone manufacturers you’d be stuck at 32gb)

  • hub2

    What do you mean, “Samsung does the same thing”? Their S6 and S6 Edge start at 32 GB, with pony-up prices for 64 and 128 GB. 32 GB is the bare minimum we’re demanding for the iPhone 6S, and at this point they are only *catching up* to Samsung if they do so.

    Don’t excuse or defend Apple on this, they have billions in the bank. I don’t mind paying for quality components and features. I DO mind being gouged in order to get more storage than what my iPhone 3GS had SIX YEARS AGO.

  • Riddlemethis

    up until now. you can’t compare samsung’s mindset with Apple. previously, samsung devices had an expandable SD card slot. not sure if the Note 5 doesn’t have it, samsung’s market share will surely take a hit.

  • Riddlemethis

    and not only that….apple has made tonnes of money (profits) over samsung by cheaping out on parts. the nfc chip they plan to have in the 6S is many years old.

  • Riddlemethis

    but this is how apple keeps their profit yields high. samsung is now trying this. let’s see if it works for them.

  • Riddlemethis

    you need to get out more. lol