‘iPhone 7’ to Include Lightning EarPods, But 3.5mm Adapter to Cost Extra: WSJ


All eyes are on Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ special event set to kick off tomorrow, and the Wall Street Journal has seemingly confirmed what we already suspected from rumours: the 3.5mm headphone jack is set to disappear.

But one unanswered question was whether Apple would include a 3.5mm Lightning adapter in the ‘iPhone 7’ box. According to the WSJ, it will be absent and rather made available for purchase separately:

The new iPhone likely will come with earbuds, as usual, but they’re expected to plug into the Lightning port, used to charge the phone. Purchasers of the new phone will have to use those or spend more money on a Bluetooth headset or a Lightning-to-headphone dongle that Apple will no doubt start selling immediately.

There’s no doubt the decision to exclude a 3.5mm Lightning adapter will make people furious. But we will need to wait and see what Apple’s explanation will be for the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Sure, wireless may be the way of the future, but wired headphones do not require batteries or charging, unlike Bluetooth headphones.

Earlier today, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a pretty good track record of leaking Apple’s product details, claimed upcoming “AirPods” from Apple will debut a new proprietary low-power wireless chip, in what sounds like the company’s improved version of Bluetooth.

What about those who want to use their headphones and charge at the same time? Lightning EarPods would occupy the port, resulting in no other way to charge the device (unless wireless charging debuts tomorrow as Apple’s “one more thing”?!). We’ll find out soon enough, folks.

How much are you willing to pay for a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter?


  • Mamba


  • Eric

    This is insane. I usually buy a new iPhone very 2 years (with the major update). There’s almost no doubt that I’ll skip this update, almost completely due to the lack of earphone jack. I charge my phone at my desk while listening to music, and have no intention of buying new earbuds/earphones, considering I have two fairly expensive pairs already…

  • Nick

    I think the worst thing about all this is how using their phones in a car is going to become drastically more annoying. Unless I have Bluetooth in my car, I won’t be able to plug it into aux and charge at the same time. It’s a damn shame!

  • FragilityG4

    You think it will come back? I don’t.

  • FragilityG4

    Fifty years old. With all due respect, get over it. Change is inevitable. Apples not the first to do away with it.

  • James

    Im sick and tired of Apple product’s pricing models. I have to pay extra for this stupid adapter? No thanks. Im done with it – not gonna feed this stupid company anymore. Time for a switch after long long years with iPhones. Bye.

  • erth

    i am skipping this iteration. i have bought too many of these things.

  • Salinger

    I think the problem is, they’re the first to do away with it for a proprietary alternative. USB-C is very quickly becoming the universal interface for everything but iPhone.

    You buy an expensive pair of lightning headphones, they’re literally useless for every other piece of tech you might want to use them with; even your Mac. Just more dongles to worry about forgetting.

  • FragilityG4

    I guarantee that even if they would switch to USB C complainers will still complain.

  • Ashley Mann

    How do I plan on solving the adapter issue and my soon-to-be complete disappointment in iPhone 7?

    iPod Touch 6. Throw in a Mifi 2 Hotspot from Bell and I’m good to go. I’ve got a 3.5mm jack, no disappointment, and if I carry 3 at once, I’ve got more then enough battery to make it through the day.

    For the price of the iPhone 7s 256GB I could get 5 32GB iPod Touches. A new colour everyday. Fun!

  • DoctorT

    Charging while using the headphone port is key for me. That’s the only way I can use gps navigations in my car (otherwise the battery would die quickly).
    Plus now there will be a whole line of headphones that are impossible to use on any device except for iPhones..

  • Salinger

    Absolutely! But I guarantee there’d be fewer of them. 🙂

  • xxxJDxxx

    Might be a good time to unload some of that Apple stock.
    Just sayin….

  • FragilityG4

    Never underestimate the quantity of complainers ….

  • informer

    I heard the iPhone 7 battery is going to catch fire like the Samsung Note 7. Don’t buy one yet, wait for 3 months. This is top secret from an anonymous confidential informer. You’re welcome.

  • Salinger

    Haha, true. 🙂 I have a $300+ pair of active noise cancelling headphones I use when travelling. I’m not about to throw them away so it’ll be a pain for me to have to bring along a dongle, but it is what it is. I do wish it weren’t an Apple-only solution though so that as other OEM’s move to USB-C I’d eventually only have a single connector to worry about.

  • FragilityG4

    As long as iPhone is successful Apple will never do away with it. We’ll find out today, but from leaked images the adapter, in my opinion, does not look too cumbersome. People will likely keep it attached to their headphones and never really feel the difficulty they assume they will have. Everybody adapts … even to adapters!

  • Salinger

    I agree. We all got used to lightning. But this is somewhat different in that the headphones we use on the iPhone, we likely are going to want to use elsewhere as well.

    Not to belabour the point, but all I’m saying is, I can’t leave the adapter attached. I won’t use the headphones exclusively with an iPhone, and that’s the problem for a lot of people. And it’s not like other companies are ever going to have lightning connectors. It’s not a huge issue for me, and like I said, it is what it is and relatively minor. But the first time I go on a trip and forget that stupid little dongle thing, it’s going to be a pain.

  • MleB1

    …and the iPhone will have a special frequency of bluetooth that only Beats headphones can connect to? :p

  • FragilityG4

    I do sympathize with you but the reality is you represent a very small proportion of iPhone users. In business you try and appeal to the many not the few. Besides from the sounds of it they are not removing it for the sake of removing it … they are removing to increase the users experience.

  • Salinger

    Sorry, but again, I disagree. I currently represent almost 100% of iPhone users in that I have 3.5mm headphones and zero lightning headphones.

    I also think I represent the vast majority of iPhone users when I say that if I buy headphones, they’re likely not going to be used exclusively with an iPhone, or that sometimes they’ll want to charge their phone while still listening to music.

    On the contrary, I’d say Apple is not appealing to the many, they are doing the exact opposite. They are doing what they feel is right, DESPITE the many.

    It’s not a deal breaker for me, and I accept that people like yourself have zero problems with it. I just think you need to accept that many people have a legitimate gripe with this, and that it’s not just “complainers” whinging for the sake of being contrary. …though I agree, there will always be those as well. 🙂

  • FragilityG4

    “I currently represent almost 100% of iPhone users in that I have 3.5mm headphones and zero lightning headphones.”
    Since they are not available for purchase you are correct. Having said that, the “vast majority” of iPhone user will NOT go out and purchase high end headphones or replacement headphones. I would even go as far as to say that the “vast majority” elects to NEVER use headphones.
    Now I recognize that in your circle of friends this might not be true, however this is how it is beyond that circle.

  • Salinger

    Okay, we’ll agree to disagree. That you think the vast majority of people, even with Apple Music and essentially an iPod built into their phone, never use headphones, there’s really nothing I can say that’s going to let you see the other side of the issue.

    I don’t base my opinion on my circle of friends. If I did that, then I would be here extolling the virtues of Android. 🙂 I base it on what I see every day in the real world and the news and reactions I’m reading online.

  • FragilityG4

    You hear a lot of complaining because its the people with something to lose complaining. The rest don’t say anything because they don’t care. It’s covered in media because it’s negative news which is the best news for views/clicks/sales. I don’t care, but I do read the boards and think that the people who are complaining so loud need to hear an opinion from the other side … most are so wrapped up in their own world that they can’t take a second look at the situation. One might say that stating my opinion is in vain … but it’s what I do.

  • Corey

    Not a big deal for me. My car doesn’t have 3.5mm or a CD player. I never charge my phone while listening to music, at my computer I use the computer to listen.