‘iPhone 7’ Will See Flush Rear Camera, Revised Antenna Bands [Rumour]


While all eyes are on Apple’s rumoured special event on March 15, which is expected to announce the iPad Air 3, ‘iPhone 5se’ and new Apple Watch bands, some details have reportedly emerged on the next ‘iPhone 7’ design.

According to MacRumors, a source “who has provided reliable information in the past”, has leaked some design details on what to expect in the next iPhone.

The next design will include a flush rear camera design, eliminating the protruding camera bezel first launched with the iPhone 6, thanks in part to a thinner camera component.

Another design change notes this source, is the rear of the phone, which will see revamped antenna bands, that will no longer span across the device along the top and bottom, but remain along the sides.

MacRumors’ Eric Slivka has added a mockup of what this design may entail below:

Iphone 7 render mr

The source could not confirm whether the next phone would be getting any thinner, but if a flush rear camera is true, dimensions may remain the same as the iPhone 6s, due to limitations of camera module hardware.

The protruding rear camera and white antenna bands were controversial design choices according to customers when first launched, but now it appears changes are coming, if this rumour is indeed true.

While I don’t mind the camera ‘bump’ on my iPhone 6/6s, it remains an issue as the bezel can gets scratched easily when placing the phone on a flat surface. As for the white antenna bands getting a revision, I’m all for it.

What do you think about these rumoured design changes? Are you over the camera ‘bump’ yet?


  • MrXax

    Good; that design looked ridiculous. Not a fan of the 6/6S look at all. iPhone 5… now that was a beautiful phone.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    IMO The antenna cutouts can still be improved on. They should be just on the top and bottom of the frame. Like Samsung S6 Edge rather running around the back on the top and bottom of the iPhone. I think apple should take a page from Samsung on this one.

  • artooro

    I have the 6s and the camera bump is the most annoying thing about the phone. Would be really glad to see that go away. The bands not such as big deal.

  • aaloo

    Don’t mind the camera hump or the antenna lines. Let’s see what the 7 looks like.

  • Chris Kim

    I agree that the iPhone 5 was a really beautiful phone, and I also preferred it to the 6. In particular the flat-lined edges vs the curved edges of the 6 – upgrading from the 5S to the 6S this fall, I understood all the complaints about how much more slippery the 6 was!

  • chickeee

    did Apple copy the new Samsung S7 flat camera ?

  • KIII

    Anyone else read how it will be glass hybrid construction for edge to edge screen with the finger print reader now located on the back?

    Could be a great design but glass and a thinner profile could be bad.