Alleged iPhone 7 Front Panel Shows Touch-Sensitive Home Button [PICS]


After a series of iPhone 7 image leaks showing the rear shell of the forthcoming handset, MobiPicker has shared a picture of the front side. What makes this leak particularly interesting is the home button, because the source claims it is touch sensitive (via iGen).

iPhone users know that the smartphone features a physical button which requires them to press it (and maybe hold it) if they want to return to the home screen, for example, and hold it if they want to summon Siri.

Iphone 7 home button closeup 696x629

With the iPhone 7, that may change, the source informed MobiPicker. The Home button pictured in the leak is a bit different compared to the iPhone 6s, as it lacks the stainless-steel detection ring around it introduced with Touch ID.

The Home button on the alleged iPhone 7 is flush with the rest of the bezel and no longer acts as a clickable button. Instead, it is touch sensitive, so users will need to tap, or tap and hold, to replicate the actions that previously required a press.

Iphone 7 home button

The alleged iPhone front bezel also shows slightly narrower bezels and repositioned proximity sensor and front-facing camera.
While we recommend taking this image leak with a grain of salt, it is worth noting that rumour has it Apple has been testing touch-sensitive home buttons in its labs, so there is a slight possibility it may materialize with the iPhone 7.


  • Every iPhone with Touch ID already has a “touch sensitive” button, with the touch sensitivity being used to trigger Touch ID. I would assume this would still need to happen, so if this button doesn’t have a physical press I would guess that it uses 3D Touch to operate. I suppose time will tell.

  • websnap

    not quite – it’s the steel ring that it technically touch sensitive. It detects the electricity from your finger and tells the sensor to scan and validate you finger print. Not the button it’s self.