‘iPhone 8’ Concept Based on Newly Leaked Information Looks Amazing



Based on information received from an anonymous source at Foxconn, Apple’s leading iPhone manufacturing partner, Benjamin Geskin has generated some new ‘iPhone 8’ concept images, and there results are quite amazing (via iDropNews). The informant said that there are two iPhone 8 prototypes currently being tested. One model features Touch ID on the rear, while the second one features Touch ID underneath the OLED display.

“There are a few major differences between the two prototypes. Based on the following information, we’re hoping this version becomes the official design for the iPhone 8, and the source is confident that it will be.”

  • Front-facing Touch ID beneath the display.
  • 4mm bezels around the entire edge of the device.
  • 2.5D contoured glass on the front and back of the device surrounded by a metal frame.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Same dimensions as the iPhone 7.
  • 5.8? OLED display.
  • “Invisible” front-facing camera hidden underneath the display.
  • Large power button featuring two points of contact.


The concept also takes design cues from recently leaked alleged iPhone 8 schematics, such as the dual-vertical cameras on the rear. Check out the images below and share your thoughts in the comments section:

IDrop News Exclusive iPhone 8 Image 8

IDrop News Exclusive iPhone 8 Image 1

IDrop News Exclusive iPhone 8 Image 5

IDrop News Exclusive iPhone 8 Image 10


  • Joe

    This looks great. Hopefully they can figure out the Touch ID problem, but this definitely looks like the future.

  • MrXax

    The placement of the music controls is absurd, but otherwise, niiice.

  • Jesse James

    Not sure I would say amazing.
    Camera looks better horizontal, and pretty sure they not putting the Touch ID on the back.
    Sure apple can and will make front style work.
    Bezels perfect though, can still use your phone without hitting shit you didn’t want to, unlike new Galaxy.
    Done with mocks tho, someone at Apple should take one for the team and leak the goods.
    Apple only take the one life and the masses finally seen a real product to get hype about.
    When I see the phone that could cost a life (and not the actual price which surely will also have a few relationships end badly) then its time get a lil excited.

  • Tim

    Functional, but sort of unremarkable not as eye catching as Samsung. By the time this comes out, reduced bezel phones will be available from multiple suppliers and will lack woo factor. Hopefully iOS gets less boring and allows for more home screen customization too. And the vertical camera looks stupid. Having it horizontally protrude makes more sense as it makes it less likely to wobble on a surface.

  • Salinger

    These mock-ups and concepts based on leaks are kind of ridiculous anyway. By next week, this will likely all be changed.

    That said, amazing? Hardly. This doesn’t look as good as the Samsung S8, or even the S7. And I say that, as an iPhone 7+ owner, anxiously awaiting the 8 or whatever Apple is going to call it.

  • Ned K.

    It’s 2017 and iOS still doesn’t allow putting icons whereever I want. After Jobs’ death, iPhone died too.

  • Flash

    This message was brought to you by google translate

  • SOB

    Please keep Touch ID in the front. Having it in the back would be tough to swallow.

  • iFone

    Guys guys, listen. The names of the phones will be: iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S+ AND
    the iPhone X (which is the iPhone 8 everyone talks about).

  • Larry

    So far my iPhone 6 is doing everything I want. If this is what 7S/8 is going to look like, no reason to upgrade.

  • Riley Freeman

    that looks ugly. The black frame looks thick and bulgy