Apple to Let iPhone Users Disable Throttling for Aging Batteries in Coming iOS Update


Speaking to ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the company will soon release an iOS update which will enable users to disable intentional CPU throttling of devices with aging batteries.

Cook spoke with Rebecca Jarvis from ABC News in Reno, Nevada, where the CEO helped break ground on Apple’s latest data centre expansion.

Tim cook reno

On top of speaking about Apple’s $350 billion investment over five years in the U.S., Cook was asked about the iPhone slowdown fiasco, which affected users with aging batteries. The CEO was asked if they “fumbled” to announce the software move which slowed down iPhones with older batteries, to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Cook replied the company did tell users about these iOS updates and what was happening, “but I don’t think many people were paying attention” when they were released. Again, Cook says “we deeply apologize” to any users who were misled by the iOS updates.

He also detailed how next month, Apple will put out a developer release which will give people the visibility of their iPhone battery health so it’s transparent, while iOS will also inform users if performance is being throttled by a certain amount, to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Cook also adds “and if you don’t want it, you can turn it off.” He says Apple doesn’t recommend it, but the option will be there for users.

Again Cook expressed “Our actions were all in service of the user—we can’t stress that enough.” He went on to say “If anyone out there believes we did something nefariously, we apologize for anything we did or didn’t do.”

Check out the video below (battery talk starts just past the 4 minute mark):

Apple currently is allowing discounted out-of-warranty battery replacements for owners with an iPhone 6 or newer, priced at $35 CAD (instead of $99 CAD), whether or not devices pass diagnostic tests.

Have you replaced your iPhone battery through Apple’s discounted out-of-warranty program?

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  • My 1/2 cents

    Lol. Why wasn’t the option there before? They’re only doing so now to lessen the impact of the class action lawsuits.

  • speedracer99

    My Battery tested as Good. So the answer from Apple that the throttling was due to bad battery is complete bogus. Apple throttled to encourage people to buy new phones. Its that simple. They were caught and now they are back-tracking!

  • James B

    I replaced my battery went to yorkdale on a Saturday didn’t book an appointment beforehand just walked in they’ll direct u to a line got my appt although I has to wait 2 hours for it then another 2.5 hours for the repair (went to cheesecake factory in the meantime ?) the repair destroyed my original phone so I got a ‘refreshed’ phone then the refreshed phones screen was messed up showed them got a 2nd refreshed phone. The employees were helpful and nice till the end. Thankfully I backed up my phone before I went there ?

  • Kevin D.

    My iPhone 6 battery was changed under apple care 1 year ago and the battery is as bad as the original one that last me 2 years. I understand the battery aging concept, but I don’t agree that the battery should make the OS shut down unexpectedly after just 1 or 2 years, especially with the proper care I give my precious and expensive iPhones! These are very cheap batteries because with proper care they should easily last 3 years.

  • FragilityG4

    Get real.

  • My 1/2 cents

    No. You need to get real. Your posts are always annoying #block

  • My 1/2 cents

    Do you feel better getting this off your chest which isn’t related to the throttling topic?

  • Shameer Mulji

    If your battery has at least 80% charge capacity left, it won’t throttle. Only when it gets below that does it throttle, to prevent unexpected shutdowns or crashes. If you want full performance then a battery replacement is needed.

  • FragilityG4

    Yet you keep reading them… #MyNumberOneFan

  • FragilityG4

    Read the article.

    “Have you replaced your iPhone battery through Apple’s discounted out-of-warranty program?”

  • speedracer99

    You work for Apple? That’s Bogus info!