iPhone X ‘Reserve and Pick Up’ Time in Canada Changes to 6AM on Nov. 4


Last week we told you about Apple’s Reserve and Pick Up was ready to launch on Saturday, November 4 at 8AM local time. The service allows customers to reserve a device such as the iPhone X and pick it up at an Apple Store of their choosing, saving time.

But there’s now a change you need to be made aware of. Instead of starting at 8AM local time, Apple has quietly modified the time to 6AM local time, as seen on their website:

Screenshot 2017 11 02 07 41 53

Compare this to the screenshot we took last week, which noted 8AM:

Reserve and pick up iphone x 2

Customers who opt for Reserve and Pick can either purchase their device outright when they arrive, or have the phone setup on a contract with a wireless carrier.

Why the time change? It could be a sign more iPhone X stock is available and the two extra hours could provide Apple retail staff more time to prepare orders for pick up. Or, it’s Apple’s way of making those on Pacific Standard Time set their alarm clocks for once.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to wait in line at an Apple Store or if you missed last week’s pre-order, Reserve and Pick Up is your best bet to nab an iPhone X.

Thanks Reuben!


  • SOB

    So I guess if u did the pre order u can’t modify it to do the reserve and pick up and hopefully get it sooner?

  • Tyler Hojberg

    I’m going to the mall tonight at 11pm and confirmed with mall security it’s okay, and if I’m there they’ll let me inside an hour before Apple opens. No better product to have your first iPhone campout than for the iPhone X!!!! Pumped!!!

  • Daniel

    Just cancel the pre order if you do manage to snag one . Thanks my plan.

  • Tyler Hojberg

    Just hold onto your pre-order and place another one when reserve is available. I did that with the IPhone 7 in jet black. Worked out okay.

  • TheOne

    I noticed the time changed to 6am when I opened the page two days ago on Tuesday!

  • GrannySmithBites

    Exactly what I am planning. My iPhone order currently arrives Nov 20-27

  • Bailey

    What location?

  • Stefan

    If you want an iPhone X on a launch day I can hook you up. 🙂

  • JR


  • Stefan

    I have 1 already and I am willing to sell it. Pm me

  • YV

    Does it literally mean 6:am local? (Im in Calgary.) I really need one for my mother right now as it her birthday on sunday im getting mine through rogers tomorrow! Btw rogers preorders were awesome this time around!

  • SOB

    6:05am. Tried buying another phone. Pickup still not available. Still looking at Nov 21 delivery.

  • Yes

  • Dansk

    Is it only if you’re on contract you can reserve to pick up? When I check on the app or the site it says reserve with contract.

  • Diego

    That was complete garbage, I was in there at 601 am and was already to the 2 step verification step and when I pressed proceed it just sent me to the home page. Complete garbage, thank you Apple !!!

  • James

    Same here I got the text for registration code then once it was done got the main page tried it a few times but kept going to their main page, I did only try this on my iphone though. No confirmation email or anytthing else to indicate I got it :S wth!

  • Daniel

    I was able to get one . App didn’t work the first time but I made it through the process again and got what I wanted .

  • Potzie2

    Got 2 this morning. I am so excited to not have to wait until November 20-27. Now I just have to sell me 8plus I just bought last month.

  • Ben

    Damn at my place pick up was gone in like two minutes

  • TheOne

    I got screwed by the webpage too !!!! ??
    In at 6:01 and showed available in many stores around me in Toronto once selected sent me to their main page!
    Repeated it once again and same thing.

    Jumped to the Apple Store app and it worked fine!!
    By then only Masonville in London, Ontario had the Space Grey 256 and I’m not driving 200km each way to pick up a phone!!
    In a minute Masonville became unavailable as well.

  • Daniel

    No, you can do a reserve and pick up if you are paying for the device outright too

  • Nigel Brown

    I got lucky this time around. I was in @ 6:01 on the laptop, but the shit froze on me after i selected yorkdale… refreshed and the time slot was gone lol, and then i jumped on the app and got a 4:30-5 slot for the space grey 256.

    Now i can cancel my pre order that’s slated for Nov 21st.

  • Arthur Shen

    Was at the check out window as soon as the pick up option becomes available on 6:00. but Apple said the store I selected is not available after I completed the check out process……

  • Jeremy Louko

    Wow, so much for local time. Thanks for the heads up, it was definitely eastern. FAIL. SUPER FAIL

  • To789

    Does anyone know if they would have some also for walk in or is it reservation only ? Not sure if it’s worth lining up? Also does reservation re opens every day at 6am ? Thanks

  • Vancity

    Yeah. Ditto. Thought it was just me. What a crock. Had a 256 lined up for pick up but stuoid thing just kept sending me to the homepage. Who knew it was so hard trying to get apple to take your money?…

  • Daniel

    Highly doubtful on the walk-ins. And on Apples website it says to check back at 6am . Doubtful they’d have anything on a Sunday tho …

  • Tony Chan

    How often will Apple refresh the “Reserve and Pick Up” inventory? 7 days a week? or not worth checking on Sunday?

  • Riley Freeman

    thanks to this information, i got my iphone today instead of waiting for the one to be delivered nov 21. going to cancel that order. now to post my 7plus on kijiji

  • TheOne

    Did you use the app or the webpage to reserve?

  • My 1/2 cents

    There’s so many iPhone scams on that site. You’ve been warned.

  • Bob Gerrard

    can you purchase phones without a contract? asked apple support and they said you cant

  • Yes

  • steve81

    I wasn’t able to get one at 6 AM (same problem as described by other posts below), but there is a much better way. What they don’t tell you is that it can get updated during the day.

    Go to istocknow(dot)com and setup a notification to get an email when the iPhone you want is available at your local Apple Store(s). Then, setup a rule in your email account to make sure that emails from that site are not sent to junk (Gmail will send it to junk otherwise).

    When you get an email saying it’s available, you need to be quick, as it could be grabbed within minutes. Apple Store app is the fastest way to reserve. You will need to pick a time window during the day.

    Got an iPhone X this afternoon in Apple Store downtown Montreal by doing this! 🙂

    By looking at the site earlier today, it seems the shortage is overblown. There where availabilities in almost every stores on the West Coast/Central US 5 hours ago. Canada, not so much, but I’m sure it will be fine in a few days.

  • Riley Freeman

    I used the webpage

  • TheOne

    Thanks so much for the link man ????

  • Daniel

    1000% you can I did this today

  • Nivi

    Have you reserved it and does it provide you with an email or something or just the registration code?