iPhone X Reserve and Pick Up in Canada Reopens Nov. 4 at 8AM


That iPhone X pre-order was intense, as my palms were sweaty, knees weak and arms were heavy, but luckily, our order went through for a November 3 launch delivery. Ordering via the Apple Store iOS app on our iPhone over LTE worked just fine, as we told you it would.

Again, this year Apple has brought back Reserve and Pick Up for iPhone X, but as of writing, it won’t be reopening until Saturday, November 4 at 8AM local time.

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Reserve and Pick Up allows customers to choose their iPhone X configuration online, then pick it up at an Apple Store of their choosing.

As of writing, all iPhone X stock is now sold out and showing shipping times of 4-5 weeks. That didn’t take long!

What to do now if you’re out of luck? Bookmark this link, then set your alarm for 7:55AM local time on November 4, to try and nab an iPhone X for Reserve and Pick Up. If not, you’ll be waiting at least a month until you get your hands on an iPhone X.


  • dc07

    So are you saying if you don’t have a reservation for pickup next Friday, don’t bother going to a store to wait in line?

  • Personally, my days of waiting in line for an iPhone are over. I’d would rather nab a Reserve and Pick Up first to guarantee a phone.

  • dc07

    So there is a chance they could have stock for those without reservations on launch day? Lol

  • Apple said stores would have some stock available, so you could try your luck waiting in line. Let us know on Twitter or here how it goes! 🙂

  • disqus_ziGUIR6kyk

    When the website launched on my iPad, all stores in the Vancouver area had no iPhone available for reservation for Nov3, therefore I had to pre-order and my wait time is nov21-28. Is there anyone even in the Vancouver area who got a reservation on Nov3? If so, which location?

  • mackman6151

    Loved the 8 Mike ref in first paragraph!

  • I’ll be waiting in line at a store!
    iPhone 5S hype all over again, but I should probably wait two years for iPhone X to come out of beta.

  • windsorsean

    The one thing I forgot to do was to put my phone on LTE when trying to pre-order. Maybe that was the reason I didn’t see the live store until 10 minutes later that others and missed out on a Nov 3 delivery.

  • Nick

    Is it confirmed that we can use this to get a phone on a contract as an upgrade? Not just new lines?

  • Jay

    I placed my pre order at 12:03am. At that time no IPhone X were available for pick up in store at any Apple store locations. Was also shipping 2 to 3 weeks out.

  • Riley Freeman

    i had one in my bag for nov 3 but there was a stupid apple watch there from way before like weeks ago and i couldnt figure out how to remove it. took me like 20 seconds to finally figure it out and i lost the nov 3 delivery date. now im nov 21 – nov 28. So annoyed that it doesnt remove stuff from your cart after a while plus u cant see whats in your cart cuz they shut the store down.

  • El Cockblock

    Yep, I got mine that way with Rogers. I’m on spot 120 🙂

  • El Cockblock

    You mean… the 8 Mile? 😉

  • sully54

    I would have just put the order through with the Apple Watch and cancel it afterwards. Apple doesn’t charge you until it ships anyway.

  • Jay

    I live a block from Pacific Center Apple Store downtown Vancouver. So I might swing over and see if there is a line up.If not to big I might try launch day to get one from store and cancel my Pre Order. But could also visit the other 5 apple stores around me and see if I can get my hands on one

  • mackman6151

    Lmao – wonder if iPhone X has better autocorrect 😛

  • B Rabbit up in herrrrrr

  • TheShade247

    Mine also shows nov 21 to 28 :/ i couldn’t even access the store till 12:10 and thats the date showed up when i was able to reach.

  • Anonymous

    You got lucky Gary. My Apple Store didn’t get live until 20 past.

  • Duff

    Can you ask for your current pre-orders to be pickup instead of shipped to your door after nov 4?

  • BettyAnne Cinnamon

    Would that be November 4th 8AM
    Pacific or Eastern time?

  • Yes, pacific.

  • Ben

    No, just 8 A.M. *local* time, so don’t wait until 11 A.M. to reserve one.

  • Alain

    Anybody else seeing 6AM following the link and not 8AM ??

    My setting is set to Canada. Just wondering to wake up at the right time

  • Gaming Tube

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  • Gaming Tube

    You in Vancouver?