iPhone X Shipping Times in Canada Improve to 3-4 Weeks


After the online gladiator showdown last week known as iPhone X pre-orders, saw shipping times slip to 5-6 weeks in less than hour, as initial launch supplies quickly sold out.

One week later, and we’re already seeing improved shipping times for iPhone X, as Apple Canada’s website now shows an improvement to 3-4 weeks, which applies to all models.

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iPhone X pre-orders from last week have started to ship and are expected to lands in the hands of customers tomorrow. Apple retail stores are also expected to have limited stock on hand, with some Canadians already in line.


  • SOB

    My pre order still showing Nov 21st. Hopefully it will get adjusted soon.

  • Shameer Mulji

    looks like the stories / rumors of severe shortages were overblown.

  • Stefan


  • Cary Glazier

    No change for my phone. Ordered the folio case and it said 21-27 initially. It’s shipped and will be delivered by end of day tomorrow

  • NoOneCares

    Apple has a math problem. They are showing delivery December 5-12. That’s not 3-4 weeks. It’s still almost 5-6.

  • joe

    3-4 weeks before they ship. so add 1-2 weeks for actual arrival

  • NoOneCares

    I’ve considered that – but it seems odd that they use your address as part of the estimates and still add that much buffer for my area – which can deliver in one day. Seems to be taking “under promise and over deliver” to quite the extreme. And I know some people get shipping notifications from the time their phones leave the factory- but that’s never been the case for me – it’s always been from the time it leaves a local distribution centre.

  • Jay

    Ordered my iphone from rogers last friday… just received it today

  • Arjun Gulati

    I ordered mine on pre-order date around 6:15am. They charged me an upgrade fee on my account already and I have my IMEI number, any change I’ll get it today?