New ‘iPhone 6’ Models Said to House Sapphire Glass Screens Up to 5.5-Inches


Will Apple release a larger iPhone? According to the South China Morning Post, insiders tell the publication the next iPhone 6 will come in two larger sizes this fall, with flat sapphire crystal glass screens which are scratch resistant:

The tech giant will roll out the iPhone 6 in two sizes – 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch – in September, according to industry insiders who have seen the prototypes.

Apple currently uses sapphire crystal in the iPhone camera’s lens cover and for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor found in the iPhone 5s.

Sources go on to say the new display will have an improved 441 pixels per inch (ppi), topping the current 326 ppi found in current iPhone displays.

One source was quoted as saying “They have to tackle the phablet [devices that serve as both phone and tablet] market. People want bigger screens now.” These two sources say the so called lower-cost iPhone 5c will be eliminated from the phone line up and the iPhone 5s will remain, but produced using ‘cheaper material’.

As for a curved iPhone screen? Don’t even think about it, because this reliable ‘insider’ says:

“The screens will be flat. Apple doesn’t do anything until Samsung does it, and then they improve upon it,” 

This whole story contradicts an earlier story today which claimed a non-sapphire glass iPhone was coming. I’m not sure how you can take it seriously when you hear something like “Apple doesn’t do anything until Samsung does it.”

Previous rumours claimed Apple’s next iPhone would feature solar-charging panels in its sapphire glass display, made at Apple’s new Arizona sapphire glass plant. Rumours are flying high for Apple to release a larger iPhone display, with some saying the screen could be bezel-free.


  • Tim

    Five or six articles previous to this one you cite a report that says there will be no sapphire screens on the next iphone. At what point does it become redundant to report these rumors when they have nothing more than hearsay to substantiate them?

  • Tim

    My apologies, you made note of this I see.

  • Al

    The next iPhone will shoot lasers.

  • Can I quote you in my article?

    “…I found it on the internet, it must be true.”

  • xxxJDxxx

    I am curious as to what is going to be done with all this sapphire glass they are making in Arizona if it’s not going to be used in the next iphone?