iPhoto for iOS Reveals Apple’s Own Mapping Solution?


iPhoto for iOS was announced earlier today, and within the app it allows users to check out location data for photos, as noted by 512pixels. Check out the images below:


TNW was able to confirm with Microsoft that these aren’t Bing maps, and also map data was being downloaded straight from

In the Spring of 2011, Steve Jobs revealed Apple had plans for their own ‘improved traffic service’ during a press interview over ‘Locationgate’. We have yet to see anything announced in regards to this, but clearly there is something in the pipeline.

Apple has long been rumoured to have their own maps solution in the works, even though Google confirmed last year it had renewed its mapping partnership with Apple. Last summer, Apple acquired web mapping company Poly9 and later 3D mapping company C3 Technologies last Fall.

Could we see Apple’s own maps coming in the next iteration of iOS and the iPhone?


  • Daniel

    Ugly!!!! Apple stick with Google Maps!

  • Peacenik

    A map is a map. I don’t think it is meant to be pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it doesn’t HAVE to look pretty, but I’d sure as hell like it if it did. And wether it looks good or not, it better have some damn good features before they switch. And it better be localized for almost everywhere if they push it on us

  • Yhy

    u can say the same about everything.
    Computer is a Computer  it not meant to be pretty
    phone is phone … e.t.c.