iPod Nano 1st Gen Replacement Program Sends Customers Current 8GB Nano Replacements


Back in mid-November Apple implemented the first gen iPod nano replacement program due to faulty batteries that could cause overheating. Apple setup a specific page to instruct users to enter the serial numbers of their old iPod purchased between September 2005 and December 2006 to see if their device was eligible for replacement. Eligible customers would receive a postage-paid box from Apple to send back the faulty unit.

It now appears replacements have started to arrive in Canada within the mentioned 6 week time frame. reader Malcolm writes he was surprised to discover what was inside the plain boxes he received:

I submitted two old 1st Gen iPods for replacement under battery warranty back in Nov – 1 2gb and 1 4gb if memory serves. I wasn’t even using them – they were just lying around in my desk drawer. Just received 2 latest gen 8gb Nanos listed at $129 each on the Apple website. Nice! Here’s to Apple for a1 customer service.

Incredible. What other tech company sends current generation replacements as substitutes for possible faulty five year old products?

Did you submit a case for a first gen iPod nano replacement? Has your replacement arrived?


  • Nanoman

    I got my 8gb nano replacement last week!

  • Ryan

    Nope. I was waiting to submit mine to see if this would happen. I love the design of the 1st gen Nano, and now that I know I wouldn’t be getting that back, I’m not interested in replacing it.

  • Jacksz1

    Got mine this morning. Not much use for me with all other iStuff, but still – outstanding customer care by Apple 🙂

  • Hehehuhu

    I highly agree with you. the ipod nanos first desgin was spectacular (minus it being scratch prone). I really dislike the tiny “touch” screen, very gimickie, might as well call it a touch sensitive ipod shuffle….

  • Received 2 new Nanos (6th gen) yesterday, integrated Nike+ running system – I’m very happy!

  • Cshudson

    Got mine , 8gb 6thgen
    Good on apple!!

  • Mikef2007

    Received mine yesterday! Nice upgrade. Also, to all those people saying they are keeping the original – there is a reason for the recall, so don’t go trying to sue Apple if your First Gen Nano heats up and causes harm or damage to you or your belongings.

  • Getting my 2 replacements today per UPS tracking! Stuff like this is why I’m a loyal Apple customer for the foreseeable future. The initial financial hit they take for doing a massive recall like this, will pay off in spades in the long term in customer loyalty and repeat sales.  More consumer companies should take note!

  • Jsnides

    I sent mine through the program and received it last week. Wasn’t using it at all. It was just sitting in its dock @ my office. Going to use the 6th gen replacement as a watch now. Works for me because at least now I will use it. I liked the old design but i’ll get over it. Another reason why Apple is #1 in customer service for my money!

  • Just got mine yesterday 😉
    My 1G iPod Nano wasn’t working at all when I sent it in, so even I prefer the original, I do not miss much. Though, I already own a iPhone, so it’s kinda useless…

  • Aaron

    Just got my 8gb 6th gen replacement!

  • Anonymous

    Good news!  My daughter is sending her first Nano in and giving the replacement to her boyfriend’s little brother as a birthday gift.  She’s going to score huge points with a seven year old boy because of Apple’s excellent customer service.  Win-win!!

  • Aaron

     Just so you know, it doesn’t come in a retail box nor does it come with headphones or a charging cable.  Just the unit by itself in a brown box with foam padding inside (the same box we sent the original nano in).  Not really suitable for a gift really, although for his little brother it may be ok.

  • Arkangil

    I received an 8gig silver current gen nano to replace my 2gig white one.  A1 service for sure!

  • Steve

    Got the box to return my old Nano last week, which I did. Just waiting for the new one to ship.

  • Hewhoridesapony

    Great customer service! I finally got my replacement yesterday.  Although the whole “what other tech company” line is a bit silly.  Don’t forget, this was a lawsuit and Apple is finally doing their part on it!

  • Phil

    Got mine yesterday and my wife got hers today.  We’re happy.  I had actually gotten some money back earlier for my 1st gen from that class action suit because of the scratches.  And my wife had bought hers refurbished.

  • Mc

    I got mine today!!! It’s so nice..  8 Gig and it has the radio too! Thanks Apple!  They are the best!

  • Bob

    Just got my shipping boxes before Christmas. Looking forward to having a new “watch” 🙂

  • BigZ

    I think the UPS driver stole my nano… 

  • zA

    Damn, i wish this applied to second gen. nano’s too Lol. Nice one Apple

  • Sig

    You should consider getting the battery replaced… I have the first gen nano which I LOVE but I’d rather it not explode! It seems that it would be about 20 bucks…

  • DanP

    Got my 8GB silver nano yesterday. Very happy with this replacement. While I did likethe design of my original white nano, the battery on it was nearly done, so this upgrade is very welcome for me!

  • Tharshant1

    so is apple giving the letest gen iPod as replace

  • Tharshant1

    When did you send your nano