$50 iTunes Cards On Sale for $40 at Mac’s Convenience Stores [u]


If you’re on the hunt for the latest iTunes Card sale, you can find them at your local Mac’s convenience store as $50 cards are on sale for $40 (20% off).

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By funding your iTunes account with these 20% off cards, every single digital purchase you make from Apple will be on sale from the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, iBookstore plus in-app purchases and subscriptions.

As an example, by signing up for Netflix on your Apple TV or iOS device, your $7.99/month subscription works out to $6.66/month (you can even do the same with NHL GameCenter on Apple TV). Looking to get Final Cut Pro X? Use these discounted cards for 20% off and save $60. You can get really creative here.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this deal. There are over 850 Mac’s stores across Canada and the deal is on until October 13, 2013.

Thanks Jeremy!

Update: Also at Couche Tard stores in Quebec (thanks Steve!)


  • Steve K

    This is also on at Couche Tard (Mac’s counterpart in Quebec)

  • Dave

    Hahaha he said Tard@ ;P

  • wongnog

    Didn’t know I could do that with Netflix! What if I already signed up for Netflix on my computer? Can I change my method of payment to use the iPhone app?

  • You can just cancel. Then re-sign up via Apple TV. Should work.

  • wongnog

    Ah see I don’t have an Apple TV but I do have the iPhone and iPad app. Do you know if I can re-sign up that way? Your article mentions signing up on your ios device… But I didn’t see that mentioned while google searching the topic.

  • floydstyle

    thanks Steve

  • Thanks for the tip…just picked up a couple of $50 iTunes cards at Macs here in Vancouver. Good to know that this can be used for Netflix as well…though I assume if I cancel and sign up again that I’d lose all viewing and rating history. Still might be worth it…

  • wongnog

    Netflix won’t let me reactivate my account through the iPhone or iPad app as your article above suggests, instead it tells me to go to their website. And unfortunately I don’t have an Apple TV so I don’t have a way to sign up using my iTunes account. Any suggestions?

    I added the $50 iTunes card to my account and really want to get this to work. Could I walk into an apple store and sign up through one of their display units? I would prefer avoiding buying a unit just to sign up and then return it.

  • wongnog

    Your viewing and rating history is preserved for at least one year. It says one year on the site but I reactivated my account after 20 months had passed and it was still preserved!