John Sculley Shares Why He Does Not Own An Apple Watch


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In a recent interview with TheStreet, former Apple CEO John Sculley has shared why he does not yet own an Apple Watch, saying that while the wearable is beautiful, it doesn’t have enough utility to be something that he feels he should have at this point in time. While Sculley, who served as Apple’s CEO from 1983 to 1993, does not own Apple’s smart wearable, he does have a few suggestions on what the product needs.

First, says Sculley, the Apple Watch has to be disconnected from its dependence on the iPhone. “When you go jogging, I don’t want to carry my iPhone and Apple Watch to count the steps — Apple will solve this though, they are good at that kind of stuff.”

Second, Apple should consider tapping into the consumer interest in smart messaging such as Facebook, which lets users quickly message their friends and also serves as a virtual personal assistant that can complete tasks such as booking flights. 

Says Sculley, “Whether it’s WeChat or Facebook M, we are starting to see a move to an era where messaging could be an intelligent assistant, and that could be a perfect application for the Apple Watch if they can incorporate it.”

Sculler however remains a loyal Apple user and is particularly fond of the iPad Pro. “I don’t think an Apple lover has to have every product, but the ones I have and use I love,” he said.

You can watch Sculley’s interview at the source page.


  • kkritsilas

    Why does anybody care about what John Sculley thinks? It isn’t like he was some sort of technology visionary while he was at Apple, nor did he do much by way of innovation. Sculley was great at marketing, but I don’t think he understands technology well, and he was more a “milk this for all the money that it will bring” vs. creating new things that catch the public’s imagination. So his comments on the Apple Watch and Apple’s future should be viewed from that perspective. I think his comments regarding Apple getting into competition with Facebook are way off base. He thinks this is a marketing problem, he doesn’t realize that the strength of Facebook is NOT messaging or Facebook apps. but that there are 800 Million people on it. There is nothing much to the Facebook software, aside from its ability to scale.

    Closer the actual comments, I note that there are Android watches that have built in cellular connectivity, and they have not sold well. Another point is that putting a significant amount of storage, and more sensors in, without increasing the size of the Apple Watch is a technological limit at this point. It may get better with time, but isn’t possible right now. If Apple could have done this, they would have; they have their own chip design capabilities, so if it could have been done, they would have designed the silicon to do it.