Kanye West’s New Album Pirated 500,000 Times, After Anti-iTunes Rant


Kanye West may seem insane based on his random Twitter rants, but the man is actually a marketing genius, able to get into news headlines seemingly all the time.

His latest album, titled The Life of Pablo, launched yesterday exclusively on Tidal, the streaming platform owned by Jay Z, and stakes held by other artists including Yeezy himself. This helped propel the Tidal app into the top free download spot in the U.S., and currently the seventh spot in Canada in the App Store, as fans wanted to listen to the album.

While the album was said to only be exclusive to Tidal for a week, West ranted on Twitter yesterday the album “will never never never be on Apple”, adding “and it will never be for sale…You can only get it on Tidal.”

Life of pablo itunes

This of course, sparked a backlash by fans who refused to join Tidal to listen to the new album, and according to TorrentFreak, made Life of Pablo one of the heaviest pirated albums to date, with an estimated 500,000 downloads on the first day, and currently has nearly 10,000 sharing the album on torrent site The Pirate Bay, which tops numbers even by Adele, according to TorrentFreak.

As per Mashable, a source says Life of Pablo was only meant to be available exclusively on Tidal for a week, and that remains the plan so far, but West ultimately holds the final decision as to whether the new album becomes available to other services like Apple Music and more. 


  • ipostic

    500,000 x 50% of people who would never pay for an album = 250,000 potential paying customers x $9.99 per Album on iTunes less $2.99 Apple’s cut = almost $2,000,000 of potential revenue lost. I’m not saying 250,000 people would buy the album but I would listen to it on iTunes, Apple Music or Google Music if it’s available. No way I’m joining Tidal after their lackluster reputation with auto-renewals…

  • FragilityG4

    Someone wants to listen to him … Still?

  • Why on earth would limit it to a very limited audience like that?
    Soo… He has no singing talent, but he just showed he also has no business sense.
    I wonder how much Jay Z paid him to try and promote tidal like that.

    I bet he’ll do a Taylor Swift 180 once he finds out he’s making very little money this way.

  • Dominic Buteau

    I respect that he is trying a « marketing strategy » even though he bets on luck more than anything else, 48 million € worth of debt according to Twitter, but I don’t want to pay for another monthly charge. I have bills to pay charities to sponsor, TV to watch. I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription service for music. I have an iPod classic and I don’t use data on my iPhone, subscription services are not beneficial to me and they aren’t something that give money as quickly as iTunes purchases or Google Play purchases would. Plus Tidal is kind of a joke because Jay-Z keeps hating and putting the blame on everybody else to make us feel sorry for his costly service.

  • coady

    Everything he has been saying and doing on twitter for the past month or so has been to hype his album, the majority of it isn’t even true, he’s not in debt. It will be on iTunes after a week, he will still make tons of money off it. He is a marketing genius and a musical one too, you don’t get 21 Grammys for nothing people.

    He was on with Tidal from when it started, I’m not surprised at all how he rolled it out.

    You don’t have to like his music but give respect where its due.

  • College Dropout was the best album by far. Gotta give Yeezy credit for marketing himself though, dude knows exactly how to play the media.

  • Anthony ?

    Why does anyone care what Kanye West wants to do regarding album distribution, and how is this news again? Sorry Gary, but anything to do with Kanye is click-bait, even when he mentions Apple.

  • Yes, the dude may seem crazy but he’s playing us all.