These ‘Leaked’ Images Claim to Be the Larger iPhone 6 Screen [PICS]


New images have popped up on Chinese micro site Weibo (which have since been deleted) which claim to be the front screen panel of the next generation ‘iPhone 6’. The images depict plastic parts which appear to resemble the front of an iPhone and is bezel-less. Take a look at the images below:

IPhone 6 F01

IPhone 6 F02

Last fall the WSJ reported Apple was testing larger iPhone screens from 4.8 to 6-inches; meanwhile, a recent rumour claimed sizes being tested were up to 5.5-inches, made of sapphire glass. Of course, take these images with a grain of salt as they could easily be fakes but are being posted for a good Sunday chuckle.



  • FragilityG4

    I doubt Apple would make a phone that has the home button essentially touching the screen. Not to mention the black fading into the clear screen. Not their style at all.

  • Tim

    Yeah, the home button thing is weird. Looks like the work of some knock off company in China. BTW, just bought a Nexus 5, I’m excited, but a little afraid. I don’t know how I can rationalize paying nearly twice as much for the iphone and it’s kindergarten OS, but I guess we’ll see if Apple can lure me back with their next deal. I’ll still frequent this blog. Hey you guys should let me write a series about the experience. “Confessions of a cheater: My breakup with Apple”

  • Fsfsfsf

    These are horribly fake. The position in the home button is different on each one and in the larger one, it gets cut-off by the display…. Yeah right.

  • Anthony

    Kindergarten OS? lol

    iOS has better quality apps than Android 9 times out of 10. Just sayin’

  • Alborz

    I’m a product designer and I can say I’m 100% sure these are fake. the size and the location of the buttons, the camera and speaker are exactly the same. the guy silly managed to remove the pain coat. that’s it.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Some people tend to dwell far too much on the home screen instead of evaluating the apps themselves.

  • Tim

    I won’t argue too much with this. I had three iphones and then a Galaxy S2 before I switched back to the iphone 5. Apps do look better on the iphone. But then I was looking at the apps I actually use and all of them exist on Android in Nexus 5 optimized versions. That said, for a lot of people the app experience on iOS is still much better. I’m not a fanboy in either direction. I like google services a lot and it looks like kitkat 4.4 has maybe got Android up to an elegant level with excellent google integration. The OS when I had the Galaxy wasn’t where it needed to be and I hated how a new version could come out, but not for my actual phone until someone got around to porting it. I also hated the Samsung’s cheap build quality, the nexus doesn’t feel that way and the larger screen is something I’m really looking for. In the end time will only tell, I’m not ruling out a return to the iphone, but at the moment I want something that goes behind the jump in and out of the app paradigm, with info at a glance and tonnes of customization options.