Liberal Minister Says its Only a Matter of Time Before Ride-Sharing Companies Come to BC



British Columbia’s Liberal Minister of community, sport and cultural development Peter Fassbender said that it is only a matter of time before ride-sharing companies like Uber make their way into the province.

Fassbender was quick to say that there are still many details that have to be worked out before this can happen. He made the comment after 81 percent of delegates to the BC Liberal Party voted in favour of creating a legal framework to allow ride-sharing companies to enter the market.

In a statement, Fassbender said:

“I think change is inevitable, there’s no question. There’s no question in my mind that technology is touching every aspect of our life, and it’s going to continue to do that. We need to have a regime in place that recognizes that change, adapts to it, and is willing to change with it.”

Candidate for Vancouver-Point Grey James Lombardi said that we need to start thinking towards the future of transportation.

“We need to have the forward-thinking transportation in this city that reflects the forward-thinking and innovative city that we are.”

Fassbender has already been in talks with Transportation Minister Todd Stone to see exactly what kinds of legislative changes may be needed in order to start supporting ride-sharing companies like Uber. The government will decide which direction to take before the May 2017 election.

[via The Tyee]


  • Tim

    What is he the minister of exactly? Saying “British Columbia’s Liberal Minister” without identifying his cabinet post sounds weird. Of course he’s a Liberal. Governing majorities almost never appoint cabinet positions to opposition parties.

  • Adrian

    Translink and Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister

  • Biggy604

    The politicians in BC have said that for a while now, then realize that some of their backers are the taxi companies so they back away from ride sharing.