Limera1n for Mac iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Tool Download Released


If you’ve been into the ‘jailbreaking’ scene you probably heard about Geohot’s limera1n release for PC. His tool circumvented the announcement made by the Chronic Dev Team to release their greenpois0n tool, which contained a different exploit. Eventually, the CDT released their tool with Geohot’s exploit. If you’re waiting for PwnageTool, it’s coming Sunday.

Click here to follow our iOS 4.1 jailbreak guide.

As always, if you want to keep your iPhone unlocked (aka to use another carrier’s SIM card), wait for PwnageTool to update to 4.1.

Limera1n was initially released for Windows users, but now the Mac version is available for download. Click here to download it.

Thanks @brandonkuepfer for the heads up!


  • Wuju

    should I wait for the PwnageTool this Sunday? I can if you guys think it’s more stable.

  • Xetal

    Just tried the osx Limara1n 🙂 it is working super fine on my Iphone 4 on 4.1 Geohot is the Jailbreak god once again !

  • Dkhand

    If I brought an iPhone @ the Apple Store unlocked. It doesn’t matter if I use Limera1n JB tool right?

  • Xetal

    Unlocked is one thing. It means you can use it with any carrier. Jailbreaking is more then just having unlocking potential. It is 1000’s of apps you aquire trough cydia that have being rejected by apple ore are just not following apple guidelines. Jailbreaking is a must !

  • Depends. If you need the unlock, wait. So far limera1n seems to work well. Wait a few hours for success stories.

  • Nick

    Yes, you don’t need to wait for a different jailbreak that preserves your baseband.. that’s only for people who have locked iPhones and are using jailbroken software to unlock.

    I also have an Apple Store unlocked phone, so I don’t need to worry about jailbroken unlock techniques.. So yes – go for it – use limera1in

  • dr t

    Gary – if i’ve upgraded to 4.1 following tinyumbrella method… i may jailbreak with limerain now and then still be able to use pwnagetool this wknd to unlock?

  • Ex

    You can jailbreak but you may not be able to unlock.

    I would wait.

  • Cycy

    So i have an iPhone 4 jailbroken to 4.0. If i do this jailbreak to 4.1 will i lose any data? Such as apps i may have downloaded or themes through Cydia?? Or is this like an iOS software update where i plug it in, jailbreak and my iPhone will be jailbroken to 4.1.? Thanks

  • Mackenzie 66

    hi i just bought an iphone 4 and i wanna jailbreak it but im nervous. lookin for an honest opinion is it safe and if it did break/freeze can i restore it like normal through itunes… and what would be the best program/tool to jailbreak my iphone with its updated to 4.1.

  • If you have an iPhone 4 and properly followed the TinyUmbrella procedure, you can jailbreak and use ultrasn0w from Cydia to unlock.

  • dr t

    OK. Seems like waiting is the better option. Just to confirm – I’m not already outta luck with unlocking as i upgraded to 4.1 using tinyumbrella?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry. Its all safe. Worst comes to worst, reset it in itunes and your all good

  • Mackenzie 66

    ok any recomendations on what to use should i just use limera1n or wait till pwnage tool comes out i dont plan on unlocking my phone from bell and its running modern firmware/baseband .02.10.04

  • nope! you can check your baseband in settings, general, about. if it’s 1.59.00 or lower, you’re good to go

  • Anonymous

    Ya. Just use limer1n. Its safe and fast. I already jailbroke mine, easily and effectively. If you don’t plan on unlocking then jailbreak and when pwnageTool comes out you’ll unlock if you still want.

    So go for it.


  • Marco

    This GeoHot guy might be a jerk… but he’s good doing this…

    Worked perfectly on my iPhone 3GS… very simple process… and with Pkgbackup… now everything is in place as it used to be before 4.1…