LinkedIn Adds Support For Video Uploads on iOS and Android


LinkedIn is primarily used as a business networking tool, or a tool to help you find a job. While the company refreshed its website earlier this year, most users still aren’t using it for daily social networking updates like they might on Facebook.

Last month, the company began testing the ability to upload videos to the social network. The feature has started rolling out to iOS and Android users and will reach all LinkedIn users over the next few weeks.

Users who upload a video will be able to see analytics on locations of viewers, the number of comments, likes, and views, and the ability to see what companies are viewing videos.

While Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion last year, the software maker has largely rolled out features that were already planned ahead of the acquisition.

[via Business Insider]


  • Bill___A

    We don’t need more video, we need less. Right now, just about everywhere you go, instead of people keeping to themselves and reading or writing on their mobile devices, people are having video come on, and causing disturbances to everyone else in the area. By having video come on in so many sites without the user’s consent, it is beyond inconsiderate. I run my computer with the speakers off, but this is difficult to do on a mobile device as you want the audio to work when you need it

  • hlna55

    Oh that’s a relief. Maybe we can add gif files and memes.

    It’s all about the “clicks and advertising now.

    It used to be about business.